Welcome to Christmas Vacation

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We might as well call this Deep Clean Vacation, and frankly — I don’t think my husband is highly amused by this.
I’ve assigned a room to each fine day of this vaction, allowing us Christmas as well as Sundays off. Thankfully, our house is small so we will be able to accomodate that type of grueling schedule.
So far Conner’s totally jazzed about it, and Spencer is tolerating it with a smile (mind you, this is only day one). I have also assigned Drew a few little jobs like finding out what our paint colors are so we can repair any damages and re-paint, he has already made one trip to Home Depot.
He thinks we should step out of our norm and go a whole new color in some rooms — but soon he’ll be realizing he’s so busy deep cleaning he doesn’t have time to figure out a new paint color.
It’s all in my devilish plan. :)

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  1. says

    You are just a barrel of fun aren’t you?

    That is why my mom came. She helped me deep clean and now we will not have to do much over the vacation.

    Except the obligitory “DI cleanse” to make room for whatever is under the tree.

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