Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Update on A Child's Work

Hey, if you're ordering from them, will you let them know that I (or this website) referred you.
That'd be sa-weet.

Very Superstitious....

First off, a note about my current appearance. My right eye has been a little puffy and the residents last night (and honestly, why am I taking a resident's advice, I'm not totally sure) said it might be a clogged tear duct. SO, I'm wiping my eyes every few hours with a hot washcloth, hoping to eliminate my puffiness. However, that means no eye makeup or contacts, at least for a while. So, if I looke like someone's beat me and made me stay up at night, it's not -- just the puffy eye syndrome.
BACK to the blog entry du jour.
Sometimes you hear of the NFL football players being supserstitious or something of the like. And I would just like to say that they don't hold a candle to labor and delivery nurses (I am guessing that ER nurses have a similar mantra, but I haven't worked there and I to spread rumors). We have things like you can't erase the last patient from the board, you can't say that it's quiet on the unit or in literally seconds we'll have a lady who's actually exploded her baby out of her abdomen. I'm talking real emergencies will happen, so we tend to keep our mouths shut. However, I have a new little supersition of my own. For a while I truly thought that if I put my hair in a clip before the shift my patient wouldn't end-up with a C-section and now I've decided that if I have shoe covers on I won't have problem patients.
It held true for last night. Only a few patients, the unit was quiet (which I can say now that I'm safely home) and all was well.
So, shoe covers, and no makeup, and that's the theme for today.
Happy Wednesday my friends.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Surving today

Just watched Suviving Motherhood for today.
It was on eating.
Now, I am a super strict parent... as I'm sure my kid would tell you.
We eat 3 meals a day, they get a snack if we're going to eat dinner especially late one night but that's it.
My kids get what we're having for that meal, and we're done.
My kids are also super skinny, and I have no clue what they'd look like if I gave in more, but that's just how it is at our house.
BUT, I see these moms on the show, and I have decided that I need to get with my friends, set-up my video camera and discuss my problem so that I can then see how some of my viewpoints make no sense and then I can move-on.
Anyway, it turns out that almost every single mom on that show promoted grazing in their own children. One mom said she just sets food up on a child-sized table and has it out all day for her child. Am I in the minority? BTW, the pediatrician on the show did NOT promote grazing. She didn't seem anti-snack (and I don't think snacks are bad, it's just now how I work) but she said no grazing, which made me feel happy.
Interesting show....
BTW, just an update on our shots. Conner did A-mazing. Drew and I had decided we'd go out to dinner and make a HUGE deal of it if he didn't cry. We weren't going to make a big deal to him though. I did say that it was his second Hepatatis A shot, so it wouldn't hurt as much this time. Anyway, he did it, not a tear, a bit of normal apprehension while walking in... but man, my little dude is totally growing up. I couldn't have been prouder. Spencer, of course, had age-appropriate tears but they were done before we left the room and he had a Batman sticker (thank goodness for whoever made-up stickers).
My proud mommy moment came as we were walking into Sweet Tomatoes though,
Conner: "Mom I know why I didn't cry, I said a prayer that I wouldn't cry and it didn't, my prayer was answered."
It's all worth moments like that.

Spying Thoughts of the Day

I spent some more time spying on Conner today.

Again, I flipped through his composition book. I wil quote a personal favorite here:

"I wish for a world without coffee or weapons. Then it would be full of love."

Perhaps I should be stressing smoking and drugs being JUST as bad as coffee, if not worse. :)

That's the Mormon kid in the class for ya!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Surviving Motherhood

To replace my View watching, I've started watching a show that's on TLC. It's called "Surviving Motherhood."
I really like it (but it's on at like 10 am so I do have to Tivo it). So, they get all these moms together with children of varying ages. Each day they spotlight a specific mom and talk about her "main" problem and they get advice from experts and then the moms sit around and talk about it for a while, and then usually they have a 2nd topic that the group discusses.
So, today the main topic was night terrors (which usually start between 2.5-3.5). Good information was given. The pediatrician said the same thing as the woman's pediatrician and that you need to let your child get through it and you shouldn't go in there and try and comfort them (with a true night terror they don't even know you're there anyway). So funny when one mom said that was BS that a true professional would have better advice then that. She wanted them to refer her to a sleep specialist. Anyway, it's just really interesting to see how different people respond on the show.
I was thinking of doing some blogs on their topics. They're pretty interesting and there are as many ways to parents are there are children...
Good munching on my whole wheat crackers TV time. :)

A Tribute to Lara

I just wanted to say how much I love my friend Lara.
She inspires me in this whole weight loss thing more then you'll ever know.
Now, my Utah friends will know how truly inspiring this is. She went up to Provo over the weekend and went to Magelby's and she didn't HAVE THEIR ROLLS. OMG, she's on this diet where you can't eat white flour and sugars and cheese and I'm just so amazed at her to have the willpower to do that. Magelby's rolls are pretty-much the only reason a person would go to Magelby's that I am aware of. They are a devine combination of a roll, butter and parmesan cheese {happy sigh just thinking of them}. She loves all of those things as much as I do and she has just stopped. She even took the cheeese off her salad and fed her husband. This, my friends, is true dedication.
Anyway, her will to do that made it so I could get through my Yoga routine this AM (courtesy of her mother).
Lara and I met online and we "talk" (aka, IM) almost every day. I missed her all weekend. Sigh. It's so nice to have a girlfriend that thinks like you do. If only she lived closer.
Ok, and on a sidenote -- exactly how long am I going to have to do Yoga before I don't think I'm gonna fall on my buns every time I do it? I just feel so unsteady and so unlady like. I feel like I'm having to break my pose fairly often and the transitions aren't smooth at all.
Maybe someday... {sigh}
Anyway, Lara WAY TO GO!!! You inspire me in so ways, and food is only one of them.
Would you please move to CA...?

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Tomorrow we're getting the boy's Hepatitis A shots.
Does anyone else have their kids get these? Most of my friends seem to be split.
I am definitely pro-shots. However, I didn't get this one for a while. I don't like to the guinea pig for shots. Well, re-phrase that. I am fine being the guinea pig. My children... they are not up for testing at this point. Perhaps when they're teenagers. However, once I heard that UT was starting to require it for Kindergarten registration I figured we'd just get it over with.
We had a child, when I worked for the pediatrician, whose mother was anti-immunization. The child ended-up getting leukemia and actually had some really severe consequences for not being immunized earlier.
Also, I always think -- what if everyone was like the people that don't get shots. Do you know how blessed are to have immunizations? I mean, has anyone reading this blog ever heard a child with whooping cough, or seen the disabling effects of polio... Each person that doesn't get it is that virus's step to making a comeback.
I digress, to each mom's choice their own, just wanted to make my own stance perfectly clear.
Anyway, Conner is a big 1st grader and I know he's going to be awful. Just like has been since he was 4 months old.
Has anyone ever turned this into a positive experience? Should I just sit him down with my microbiology book and show him what Hepatitis A does to your liver?
Should I beat him into submission?
I've done the honesty route.
I've done the pin him down while he screams route (which is basicly my back-up).
And I've done the "you'll get a really great treat if you do this right" -- and that has alway fallen to the back-up plan in the end.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Good news

Welcome to weigh-in Saturday.
GUESS who LOST 2 pounds!!! Well, it wasn't me. But I DID lose 1.8 pounds! I am so happy.
Now, I tend to fluctuate in a 5 pound area... but the 2 pounds was welcome news. I do feel like the 1 hour workouts are making a difference, as well as changing my eating patterns.
I did have a sip of soda toda, not even thinking about it. I think those are habits that are just going to have to change little bits, by little bits.
Anyway, that's my good news. :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

First Grade

You Just don't See Many Old People Anymore

My friend Miranda said this today at lunch. Just caught me as funny....
We went to eat at the Country Inn Cafe (the one next to Mervyn's). It was pretty dang yummy. Sandwiches were average, but my friend Janna was right -- they have ROCKIN' good fries! Next time I'm gonna get a salad and fries. :) And I'm not sharing with S.
Anyway, we walk into the restaurant and every single booth is in the geriatric crowd. I'm not talkin' the over 60 age.... I'm talking 70's... many even older. Miranda and I just looked at each other but decided to go anyway.
So, we sit down and I look around and I say outloud that you just don't see many old people around here. You see them, but not often -- not in stores, not so many at church... they probably just don't hang around.
I mean, it makes sense. The cost of living here is so outrageous that I'm sure they sell their homes that they've had all their lives, make a bundle and go live somewhere cheaper near their grandkids....
but it does make me sad... I mean, I think all ages have so much to learn from those who have a few years on us. I appreciate the older women that I have visit taught and how great they are for my kids. And there, Miranda -- I have written a blog entry about our inane lunch comments.
P.S. Seriously, get the fries there -- INSANELY good (but bring a 2 year old to split them with... it's better for your waistline).

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Child's Work

Spencer got his first package in the mail from A Childs Work. Fist off, you have to realize that Conner gets mail every now and then (he gets a few magazines and he gets a bank statement) so this was HUGE for Spencer.

He was SO excited to open it. And I took a picture in case you guys were wondering what you might find inside.

As you can see, there's a LOT of great stuff.

We are all very excited and he can't choose what to do first. Of course, being the obsessive compusive personality that I am, we're going to do one a week with a couple of extra ones for rainy days or whatnot before our next one comes next month. Oh, BTW she says each month comes with 4 craft kits, but we have the 4 kits plus 2 sets of stickers, so I don't know if that's just icing for being a new member (or writing dazzling blog entries about them) or if that's a regular thing.

Everything Old

I am cheap.
There, I said it. I mean, I'm not cheap on everything. Our babysitters enjoy luxury living and those that provide a good service, I believe, deserve to be paid well.
BUT, I will go YEARS with clothing. YEARS with shoes that have long-since died, garments that you can see through (sometimes the fabric has thinned, and sometimse it's a particularly holy garment to us :) ). The other day I ordered garment bottoms online and they are TWO DOLLARS? Now, when we got married and I bought my initial purchase they'd always been like 5 dollars and so I have always been very careful and tried to make them last as long as possible. But, honestly -- it's not like Drew and i can't afford 5 dollar undewear to replace ones that have holes in them. I mean, come on. But now that they're 2 bucks, I'm vowing never to have holy underwear again. Perhaps I should store them, like I do cheetos -- you know, for a rainy day?
And now, I have brown shoes that i've had for YEARS . I love them, but their velcro is coming off, the soles are worn unevenly and it makes me walk funny... i just can't bring myself to part with them, and buy new ones.
So, does anyone have any brown casual shoes they've been ing after?
It's time to realize we are not destitute and perhaps new shoes are in order after a person does a psycho diet like one did.....

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Blog is Boring

Alright, let's talk about something SUPER exciting, I'm tired of how fat I am... as I am sure you all are too. :)
I sorted the kid's clothing today (although I'm sure that I've already written a blog entry about how tedious that all is). Spencer is officially heading into the 3T range... very exciting for him.
I'm hoping he'll hit the 30 pound mark at his 3 year old check-up in a few weeks. I can't believe the kid's so tiny.
Which brings me to my actual entry. Undershirts. My kids are OBSESSED with them. It may have something to do with my mom who is also obsessed with them and touts their glory every time she comes... but Conner likes to wear one every day, and Spencer's a big fan as well (he just got Conners hand-me-down ones).
Does anyone else that live in CA have their kids in undershirts?
Is it a mormon thing?
I remember in HS that all of my male friends ALWAYS had a white t shirt on under everything they wore, perhaps to imitate garments.
Anyway, I guess we breed those undies young. :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Feeling Better Today

For all of my friends who mentioned maybe I'm just a mutation, I should mention that I do have a physical scheduled with my doctor in the next month or so... maybe 2 months. I have had my thyroid checked numerous times though... so far I have always been healthy as a horse.
However, this particular diet that I am on has made me DANG y. I don't know if it's all the (Lara and I found-out that Cantaloupe is a diuretic -- hence, regardless of how much water I am used to drinking, my toilet is still getting a nice workout as well), or me missing my cheese and bread. I do feel like the diet's doing SOMETHING.
Sadly, Lara has lost 5 pounds in one day, and I have lost none. Perhaps an ounce....
Anyway, I'm y and I'd better stop writing this blog right now or heaven only knows what else I might say.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm a new woman today.
I had a really hard weekend. I measured and did all my stats and I have had NO weight or inches lost (and I'm talking since August, when I started all this crazy work-out stuff). I did do my accountability journal. I most definitely could've done better last week, but since I was sick I give myself a pass.
SO, today I'm starting this kick start diet. My friend's mom gave it to her. I had 2 hardboiled eggs for breakfast and 1/8 of a cantaloupe.
I'll have some shrimp and romaine lettuce with oil and vinegar for lunch (might add some green onions to spice-up the romaine). Along wiht another 1/8 of a cantaloupe.
For dinner it's Costco rotissarie chicken and vegetables (green beans, cucumber and zuchinni). And some more cantaloupe for our FHE treat (kids are having strawberries).
Tomorrow will look pretty much the same but I might have some tuna instead of shrimp for lunch and I am going to have salmon instead of the rotissarie chicken. Then, it's done. I'm also supposed to drink 64 glasses of water and limit my salt intake to 1/4 tsp.
Uh huh.....
I also did my first hour long yoga routine this AM. This same friend's mom is doing "Total Body Workout" on BYU TV. I wanted to throw-up after and Lara said that's a nice sign. :) I also felt very clumsy and like I was going to fall most of the time. Lara said I'll get over that. I doubt it. I'm clumsy at heart.
But, s -- honestly, if I don't see any changes in 2 months with all of this. I'm done.
It's excruciating to get-up an hour early 3 days a week and not see any changes in my waistline. I know, it's about health and yada yada yada but let's not kid ourselves. I'm in this for some weight loss. I'm not in it for MONSTROUS weight loss... I just want my BMI in a nice healthy area. My goal weight is only 160.
Just trying to keep my spirits up is the hardest about now....

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Too Much

I recently heard that a very old friend's parents are getting divorce. It hit me like they'd both died. I am so totally sad. Word on the street is that the dad had an affair. This is all coming to a head for me. On the scrapbook message board site I frequent SO many people's husbands have had affairs, and at work there are 3 people getting divorced -- I just feel like the world is anti-marriage.
I mean, don't get me wrong -- Drew and I have our own fair share of problems. I do feel like some people aren't willing to work stuff out or deal with their issues. I also feel like sometimes one partner just takes it on themselves to ruin someone's life by having an affair.
I'm just so sad, I don't really have the words to say what I'm feeling, besides sad.
Perhaps it's time to go to bed, being that it's 8:53 and I am starting my fancy little diet and new work-out program tomorrow.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

My solution

Last night I had a talk with Conner about how he took away from the group to bring attention to himself. It was an interesting conversation and something that made me a tad introspective as well.
What do I do that takes away from my family? What do I do that takes away from my friends?
Is my focus always on the group, or is it on what I can get out of it?
I think that it's a lesson we all need to learn, and him doing the dance backward was just a pretty obvious manifestation of it.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Parental Dilemma

Well, Conner took his "ham" status to a whole new level at tonight's performance. He decided to do a lot of the moves backwards, to the point it obviously wasn't a mistake and it was distracting to the performance. Of course, people laughed, thought he was cute.
I didn't though. I knew he could do better, and performing isn't about showing off yourself, it's about being part of a group. The sad thing, is we had a talk about it last night and today after school.
It's sadly just unacceptable for me. I almost ran up on the stage and yanked him off.... I was too embarassed to do it though.
I don't know what to do. I've decided we're taking a break from starting arts. I want him to have positive feelings towards performing, but perhaps first grade boys are just too young?
{sigh} parenting.
Anyone found a good user manual yet?

A Plug

Spencer is almost three (sigh) and while I am not going to do preschool with him until he is four (unless some of my peeps want to do some joyschool) I know that he needs some more interaction during the day, and most likely interaction that I don't have the will to provide.
Here steps in .
I used them 2 summers ago, when Conner was done with joyschool and just starting into the whole preschool thing in the fall. I think it really helped with his eye-hand coordination as well as just his fine motor skills.
Anyway, they'll send you a craft kit every month (with your kid's name on it -- you can imagine the squeals that will erupt from Spencer when he gets his own mail), and in that they get 4 crafts. So, I did one a week with him to supplement the workbook work that we already do.
Right now they're running a special so that it's only 6 bucks/month (shipped to you) for the 4 craft kits. You do have to pay for the year in full, but that's a year of fun!
Lastly, they have AMAZING customer service. I have had MANY questions about if I could get some holiday themed kits and some other variety as well. She's been great and willing to work with me for SURE. I am also hoping to get a couple of kits for Conner during the summer since he loved them so much last time. They do send-out age specific kits, so it'll be great for them to each have something at their own level to work-on.
Anyway, just something to get you through these cold winter months. Email me if you have questions, or email them at . I am pretty sure no one will have any more questions then I already had. :) Just learned she has another site where she'll make an ADORABLE brag book for you parents out there. I think they'd make a great church item (I have little ones for my boys and they LOVE to stare at themselves during church). That site's address is .

Thursday, January 18, 2007


My peeps, I think we have an award-winner on our hands.
My child is a HAM. According to several sources, he was the star of the show. The African Dance class got more cheers than any other group (and had the smallest number of kids). Someone even asked him for his autograph.
Is that a good thing?


I am starting a weight loss journal. I am hoping that be evaluating some stuff every week, in writing perhaps i'll be more apt to lose weight. I am also adding measuring myself and just some accountability as far as my goals go.
I think that self-evaluation is a powerful tool. There are so many times in my life where I feel like I need my own input but I'm not sure how to get it. Then, there are other times where it is blatant that there are things I need to stop doing. Yesterday felt like one of those days -- doing things to myself that certainly weren't helping my life along. Glad to recognize them.
I heard that Rosie (I would only hear it because I no longer watch the View, courtesy of our plump little friend) said that we shouldn't make fun of other people. Woah, so SHE just said we shouldn't make fun of other people. I guess she was mad about something Simon said on American Idol. I am guessing she thought the guy was gay. Has anyone NOT seen the clip of when she flips her hair and makes fun of Trump's looks?
Currently, what i have learned from Rosie is that all weird people who dress as though they were from the bush, or touch people inappropriately are gay.
Good info Rosie, thanks.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Opposing Midas

You know how everything that Midas touched turned to gold. Of course, it ended-up being bad in the end, but in the beginning it was FANTASTIC.
Well, I had the opposite effect last night at work. I really felt that everywhere I went I reeked chaos and craziness. I was in 3 deliveries and all 3 were inSANE... couldn't believe it. One footling breech, one a doctor missed and the residents delivered and one everyone missed and I delivered all the while asking the lay midwives to step out of the way (long story -- needless to say, lay midwives have no place in a hospital -- if you plan on having lay midwives please don't bring them and expect them to deliver your baby) (please.).
So, it just started to get to me after a while. I was so tired of all the craziness.... plus I'd wanted to go home early. Do you ever feel that way in your life -- that you're the crazy toddler who's putting your world off wack?
In retrospect a nurse should never want to go home early.
It pretty-much screws-up the night for everyone.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes

I was watching the Globes last night, and reveling in the beauty, the speeches all that jazz. I was thinking about how I always wanted to be an actor as a kid. I do like attention, I like the pomp and circumstance, I liked being a soloist in a concert.
Anyway, then I was thinking about poor Cameron Diaz (who, frankly -- I did not like her new look) and Justin and how they get to live-out the awkwardness of breaking-up live on television. That's not my dream.
So, I started thinking about my blog and why I like it so much. I feel like I get a bit of my "voice" out to my peeps, without having any real negative effects.... perhaps this little blog is my acceptance speech for my sweet life.
And... this could all be the codeine from the cough medicine speaking.

Monday, January 15, 2007

My PSA about the back row

I have a confession, my friends (and this is particularly sad, because a lot of my blog readers were back rowing it with me!) if I sat in the chair rows at church. I'd go inactive.
We've had some car issues. Conner left the lights on in the car on that day where I was really sick. I didn't really think about it, but it drained our battery so much that it was dead on Saturday. We got a jump, but then apparently we didn't charge the battery enough so it was dead again yesterday. Soo.... Drew had to come home (thanks for conducting Valerie!) and we got to church REALLY late!!!! Like, there were 15 minutes left in the meeting late. So, I hauled the boys onto the back row.
Chairs are jungle gyms to little boys. We were going on the chair, through the chair, on top of the chair... and almost every other little child around us was doing the same thing. Plus, you're so far back I didn't really even feel like I was in the same room as the speaker. "Hello up there, my kids are whispering and being really annoying, but you'll never know because you're just a dot way up there!!!!!"
Our ward has WAY too many rows set-up at the back of the chapel. We probably do need an overflow area, but i know there are plenty of folks that like to sit out there regardless.
We are just not one of them.
Anyway, nice incentive for me to make sure my car is working next week. And perhaps we can all scoot a little closer so everyone in our ward can sit on a bench and feel a part of the meeting.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It's Drew's birthday today.
I fear it's not quite as festive as it'd be if I didn't have Mr. headcold still hanging around me, but I wanted you to know what a special fella you are!
You're an amazing father, an amazing band director and what's more you're a friend to everyone that meets you.
One of my favorite characteristics about you is your belief that everyone you meet is your friend. You care deeply about others and that's something I admire.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your fancy car washing kit and prepared-ness radio (even though I bought the wrong size of batteries and it doesn't come with the cell phone tip we need). I love you bunches and bunches.
Now if only Spencer would nap before church....

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The other blog entry about homework

Conner has had a REALLY hard time buckling down and doing homework this week. I pretty-much gave him Christmas break off (and, frankly -- in turn I had some time-off of pressuring him) and getting back to the grind was apparently more then I could handle. He was spending over 1.5 hours whining about how hard it was and basically making me want do it myself all week long.
So, on Thursday I made new rules. He will get 20 minutes to do his homework every day (and then another 20 to do reading) and whatever he doesn't get done, will be punished at school (Ms. Dodson makes people lose recess if their homework isn't done). He will come-home, put his stuff away, we'll have our post-school small talk (aka, "how was school" "good") and then it's homework. I feel bad for him when he spends FOREVER doing homework and then he doesn't have time to play.
Do any of you have homework routines that work for you? I am not a lover of after school snacks (we tend to eat pretty early anyway -- if we're eating later, I ususally do a snack)... but that might be a nice "reward." I dunno. We'll have to see if this new plan works.
BTW, starting Drew's birthday celebrations early, and I wanted to freak everyone out when they came to my blog and that came-on.
I'm fun like that.
Oh, and Keri -- I expect you're singing every word with this song. CONGRATS!!!!

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Kunundrum

I know that several of you call me, thinking I have the answers to your health questions, but when I am the partial mother, I haven't a CLUE what to do with my kids.
Conner did something to his thumb yesterday at school. He complained about it during homework (but that's another blog entry) but I just let it go thinking it'd clear-up during the night. He was still complaining about it this morning, and he has a kind of tight cough. I called Kaiser, they said to wait 3 days before I have him seen (problem one solved -- but he still does have the cough).
So I mull it over in my mind, "is he well enough to go to school?"
Finally it came down to him. I said he wasn't going, and he BEGGED to go to school. So, I let him. I figured he'd tell me if he has to stay home (he has before).... but it's always that ebb and flow -- do they go, do they stay. I did tell him that if his thumb is really hurting to just go to the nurse's office and I'd pick him up. As for the cough, he gets it most of the winter usually -- but where I am sick, I'm just a little more nervous.
Does anyone have something that regulates if you keep your kids home?
BUT, my friend Pili said she'd pick him up from school.
Honestly, the bells of heaven rang out when she said it. I didn't have a clue how I was going to schlep myself and Mr. Whiney in to get him this afternoon (meanwhile, keeping whiney up from his nap. Anyway, I just wanted to sing the "you've gotta have friends" song a bit today. But, since the bronchitis is still infecting my life -- I'll resist. :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I suspected my scratcy throat was something, when it just kept marching ahead despite me throwing zicam, airbone, sundafed and plenty of fluids.
Hate it when that happens.
That's all for today, I am hoping that S will cuddle-up and watch the Price is Right with me in a few minutes.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

African Culture Class

Conner has his African Culture recital next week. Apparently you will get TWENTY minutes of this kind of sheer pleasure for 10 bucks (5 for students -- aka, 8th grade and under). Anyway, if anyone wants tickets they can contact me.

Scratchy Throat

I have a scratchy throat.
It's bugging me.
That's all for now.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Last night's FHE

Last night we had a really nice FHE. This month we are working on article of faith #1 (We believe in God the Eternal Father, and in his son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost). We are planning to have it memorized by the end of the month. We're 1/2 way there!
I chose to learn atributes of all of them and how they are different.
I found this great web page on all the members of the godhead, and it had attributes and everything. I did a picture of each of the 3 members and pasted that on a paper bag (ok, Drew did that part) and then I cut-out all the attributes. I also found this link that gives the scripture reference and who exactly that attribute belongs to. Then, everyone got to take turns picking the attributes, listening to the scripture and deciding whose bag it went in.
My kids (I think I've said this before) have a much better lesson if there's an activity involved (or really, even if it's the whole thing) -- and the whole drawing and putting it in the bag was perfect for them. I think I'm gonna save all this stuff, becuase it'd also be great for a fast primary lesson.
For those of you who don't know our belief (aka, the LDS viewpoint) that the Godhead are 3 separate beings. Heavenly Father is our Father, Jesus came to the earth to atone for our sins, and the Holy Ghost helps to guide us. It is important that we come to know each of thes beings, so I was really happy to start the year off with this very important article of faith. Does anyone else have any great FHE ideas that would go along with article of faith #1?

Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Update

Welcome to Monday, I thought I'd update some things:
Flatware: I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS. I like the mirror finish. I'm thinking our last silverware initially had this kind of finish, but I am loving it. I highly recommend it to all my Costco friends out there.
Working-out: Spencer hit his lip on a bin right before bed last night, he bled a LOT, but went right to sleep. He woke-up in the middle of the night and threw-up, I'm guessing because of all the blood, but oddly enough I didn't set my alarm so I didn't get-up to workout. Honestly, it's probably good, we were up for a while... {sigh}... perhaps I can go walking later on.... My weight was a personal high since I started last week. Really not feeling the joy from the whole work-out thing, but I am carrying on.
Christmas: I got Spencer the game "boggle Jr. " for Christmas. It's amazing, he's spelling out words with just a little help. This is a great game for the preschool sector. I think it was under 10 dollars at Walmart.
Happy week peeps.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Drew's Official

It's official my peeps, Drew can teach, and now that he is certified I expect he'll be an even BETTER teacher!!!
Congrats Drew, I know this was a lot of hard work!!!!!!
(p.s. and now that you're certified, I figure it'll take you less time to get stuff done at school and you'll be home earlier... right?)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Scrapbook Night

Scrapbook night at church. We're gonna do it monthly, so email me if you want info. I was prolific (as you can tell). Go me.
BTW, guess who's on album #20.
Go me.

My Thoughts on our New Speaker

I was having my lunch yesterday and Tucker Carlson was having some discussion about why it was so important that Nancy Pillosi (sp?) was a woman and becoming speaker of the house. I would have to agree with Mr. Tucker (and I wish he'd stayed on Dancing with the Stars longer, it would've made for a funner show).
I would be SUPER excited if an actual mother was Speaker of the House. However, the fullness of my mommy self can NOT imagine Nancy Pillosi being the mom that I regard as a "mother." One who wipes tears, one who gets down and builds battleships with the legos, one who makes songs about Pop Tart Friday, one who helps out in their kid's class (with the gross stuff, not just the fieldtrips). Maybe she was, but I kind of doubt it. Considering how long her career has been in the house, I am guessing there were motherhood moments she had to miss being in DC.
Nancy Pillosi also does not hold the values dear that most mothers of America find so important. She's pro-abortion (and I chose to call pro-choicers pro-abortion, I think the "choice" part is just semantics), she's pro-gay-marraige (which most of America is not).
Anyway, I await a day where a real woman becomes Speaker of the House. Then, I will applaud, I will scream, I will believe that the women of the world have taken a great step, but until then I'll realize that the real work of the world goes on in my house, and my friends home each and every day as they strive to build good little minds that will be come good people (who, hopefully, will not vote for said Pillosi).

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Low fat in '07

So, I'm not really starting anything new with my fancy resolutions, but I did want to kind of write what i'm working on down, so I could keep it in mind, and hopefully get some support.
1. Work-out for 2 hours/week (with the TV). I am hoping to slowly change this to 3 hours/week. my friend Lara's mom is doing a new workout program on BYUTV called total body workout. I am hoping to do this 3 times a week (and it's an hour long) but it doesn't start til' the 22nd. After 3 weeks off working out (shame on me) I got-up and did an hour today. It's amazing how great I felt after it.
2. Weights 3 times/week. I got a fancy little card set at Costco with 50 different weight exercises to tone and build muscle. I'll let you know if I love it.
3. Cheese once a day sugary yumma once a day. Period.
4. One super healthy meal/week. Tonight we had balsamic vinegar chicken, vegetables and somer SUPER whole-grain bread. It was yummy and filling. I am really wanting some super-healthy recipes. I want to increase the # of healthy meals we have (I am realizing that not all our meals will be lowfat because kids like cheese -- as do I, but I want to try harder). So, if you guys have good recipes, post them, or email them to me. I really need suggestions.
5. Oodles of water/day. I had to pee twice while at Albertson's today. And no, I'm not pregnant.

And I thought Flatware was a bra....

Drew and I have had the same flatware set since we first got married (which is heading-up on 10 years come this fall). We've been looking the last few weeks, and I finally think I've found something at Costco. I would love some input though.
You can see the set that I bought here. And if you want to learn more about it -- go to and go to their everyday sets -- I am thinking mine is the gateway set. It feels sturdy in my hand, it's made of 18/10 stainless steel and is totally dishwasher safe.
Does anyone have any thoughts for me?
ETA: We opened them, I'm a little nervous that you can see fingerprints on them, but I think that's to be expected. They are curretly waiting in the dishwasher for a thorough washing. BTW, they were 59.99 at Costco. It has a 5 piece table setting for 12 people PLUS a 5 piece hostess set. I'm sure I'm gonna have to hostess more stuff with this flatwear.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm officially in July (scrapbook-page-wise)

No, Kristen's shoulder isn't visibly deformed, I got these vacation photos done at scrapbook pictures, and many of them have lines in them. They aren't that helpful with their customer service, so buyer beware.
Annoying. I'll let you know if anything comes of it. The top ones are computer-generated ones I did earlier this year. I just had a lot of pictures to get on a few pages, so I used my computer to help me out. Sadly, Scrapbook Pictures did an equally awful job messing THEM up too (these are the files, not the actual thing they printed for me).
BTW, sometimes these are coming-up really big for me. I've found-out that if you click on the photo and drag your cursor down to the little bar that usually says "done" you can see it in its entirety on your screen. Does that make sense?
Oh, and big scrapbook news. I belonged to the Simply Cardstock club for a while. I LOVED it (but then I stopped scrapbooking in the fall so I could sew som freakin' awesome costumes). ANYWAY, they're offering a 3 month subscription for the 6 months price (I think that's a buck or 2 cheaper). OR, if you buy the 6 month thing, you can get a free past kit). I t hought it was a sweet deal. I signed-up for another 3 months and hopefully it will spur me on to scrapbook more and more and more and... well, you get the point. Their customer service is AMAZING, if there's a color you don't like, you can switch it out (aka, me and all purple) or if you're going on vacation or just aren't into the kit, you can skip it for the month. Rene is always on top of her emails and gets right back to me. Very nice.

Fun Times

We have had a really great break, and although it's not the break that I envisioned before Thanksgiving it had been SO nice to sit around, organize and just enjoy each other and a few important friends.
Yesterday we went to Monterey to be the best aquarium on earth (and they make you pay for that priviledge). It's SO need to see all their jelly fish, I think that was my favorite part. Then, we ate at Bubba Gump's shrimp company, and everyone loves to eat there.
Today we've just stayed in, cleaned-up a bit and played games. Honestly, I think the kids are having more fun playing games with us (and toys, we'll pretty much do whatever they want) then the trip to the Aquarium.
It's so rare that I get to sit down and enjoy playing with my kids (instead of begrudgingly doing it while I wonder what else I should be doing). I have truly enjoyed that, and I know that time will be worth more then any old car repair.
Tomorrow it's time to start on my new year resolutions.
Go team.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Business Idea: No-Cheat-Car-Fixers

Seriously, I am always so skeptical when we take our car to get fixed. We took the Forrester in about 18 months ago to get its Bearings fixed, 600 bucks later, we walked-out with "fixed" bearings (I didn't notice a difference, but Drew says he did). Bearings are dead again and they have our car overnight to fix it.
Makes me want to scream. I mean, do most bearings have to get fixed that often?
Did they just drop me off the dumb truck?
Probably they did, as far as cars are concerned.
Anyway, it'd be nice to have someone dealing with us honestly instead of what we currently are getting (well, your gurantee was only 12 months... sorry).
Perhaps O'Connor is desperate for nurses......

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Resolution #1

More Scrapbooking.
I'm even starting on this resolution today. :)

Taking Down Christmas

Christmas is all down. I was sad taking down all our decorations, especially because when I put them up I was thinking of all the excitement we'd have with my parents here. But {sigh} life has other plans for us.
However, I never reviewed our Christmas festivity on my blog, so I thought I'd do that now. I didn't take many pictures, mostly on purpose. I hate doing Christmas scrapbook pages, but I did take a few of the tree, so hopefully I can just journal about our fun day on that.
Spencer had a delightful Christmas. He ripped into presents with abandon and delighted in everything he received. Being 2 or 3 is probably the best Christmas age ever. They're so believing and excited. Oh, if we could just bottle-up that kind of excitement, I think I would take a little sniff of it each day. Big presents included the Shake and Go raceway (which both boys love), new legos and puzzles. Oh, and of course a giant and noisy truck from my parents (shocking but true).
Conner is verging into the sphere of "how do we know there's a Santa" however my response is, "if you don't believe, he doesn't come for you." So, he's a believer. He got a digital camera (I'm hoping to post a few of his photos -- there are 100's each day -- on the blog), more legos, and some star wars transformers.
Drew got a new MP3 player, this one with a lifetime warranty so when he drops it, he can rest assured that all will be well. :)
Hilary got an electric blanket and some new kitchen-ware. After almost 10 years of marriage, we are in desperate need.
We all got a lovely new tiny digital camera from my parents. I am very excited not to have to haul the rebel to school and other functions. The Elph now resides in the diaper bag. I'm so happy to say.
The music I put up today will stay for January. It's from Sesame Street, and I love the lyrics. It is most definitely one of my favorite christmas songs ever. Think of this Christmas day, when Christmas is far away....


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