Monday, April 30, 2007

Quick and Easy Dinner

Click on the title.
We had this for dinner, it was quick and easy, and fairly healthy -- with a slice of cheese for those of us who don't want totally clean arteries. :)

Dialogue on Modesty

Well, that last post on fashion brings me to something I've thought about for a while, but didn't brooch it on that last topic.
What is modesty (in clothing -- not the "oh, I am not the best scrapbooker int he whole world" type of modesty)?
I helped a few s out at church try to find some modest dresses. We even went to some places run by the church and MAN these dresses were TIGHT. I'm not talking tailored, or form-fitting but I'm talking TIGHT. Like, the dress looked like it was for a barbie when it came in the mail and then stretched to fit a 16 year old... and yet these dresses were being sold on a site that proclaimed they were modest.
I think that's what gets me most about the whole shade phenomenon. I do agree with LAra that if the shirt isnt' super tight, then wear it with pride -- but MAN, I saw SO many s who got the shade size you'd normally wear under a sweater (and mine are tight, dont' get me wrong -- I have enough bulges not to want extra bulges from a too-big undershirt) out in public. And they think they're being modest.
To me, I think it's just the same as wearing a halter top or a tank top. Sure, your garments aren't flopping around in the outer-world, but.... does anyone get me here?
Why can't modest be good tailoring, good fabric that doesn't cling and hangs well. Why has modest suddenly taken the "G's are covered and that's all that matters" turn?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sometimes you just need a layout to be easy and done.

Normally, I don't think I'd scrapbook these pictures, but onw that i have the strange desire to have more candid photos, I thought I'd do more pictures like this. No, they're not perfect, but they do show what our life's like.


So, yesterday was just ONE of those parenting days, and I'm just wondering what other people do/woudl do in these situations? Feel free to judge my lack of parenting skills.
1. So, Conner's invited to a party, I've met the parents at school and the entire class is invited. I take him, it's at a pool but he's promised he won't get in (and he doesn't have his suit with him) the parents say they're not wanting the kids in the pool and there's a jumper. I'm hesitant to leave, but I do. First off, do you guys leave your kids at parties if you don't know the parents very well? I only left for about an hour and came back, I figure he's gotta be left on his own at some point, and where it was all kids from his class I figured that was the best time to give it a try....
2. I come back, Conner's in the pool wit his clothes TOTALLY on, well -- he took his shirt, shoes and socks off -- but the jeans and undies are still on. Now, I'm glad he didn't go naked(as my mom reminded me), but Conner isn't a great swimmer, and up until yesterday he refused to get in the pool without a floatie on. Mom of the party is nowhere to be seen and other kids are in with their clothes on too. This is a mobile home park, so there are other kids in the pool besides just the party kids. Would you have gone and found the mom (some of the other class moms are stayed and are watching their kids, I told them goodbye)? I just marched Conner out. Normally we would've found her to tell her thank you but being that he was dripping and I was livid with him, we just left (I'm not mad at the mom of the party, I figure it was my responsibility and Conner's to know better).
3. I fa-REAKED out on Conner. Mostly because he doesn't know how to swim that well and I wasn't there, but also because he and I had a discussion about it and we had decided together that he would not go in the pool this weekend, but that we'd find a friend with a pool and we'd all go soon. He had to write down all the things he'd done wrong, he got an extra job, and he has very limited decision making for a bit. Can anyone think of a better punishment? Are you the type of mom where it's grounding all the time, or are you the type that would let it slide? What would you have done? Parenting is such a crap shoot... but I like to learn from my peeps.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Fashion Tips from Me

Alright, so there's some stuff in this world that's really been buggin' me, thought I'd share a little fashion adivice with my loyal readers.

1. Some things were not meant to be be-dazzled, for instance crosses on your shirt. I am sure that nothing gives the Savior of all mankind more warm fuzzies then seeing his place of death emblazened in a sparkly way on some woman's chest. Saw this just tonight, btw -- super classy.
2. Shade shirts were not meant to be worn as shirts. Just like a wife-beater, these items are under shirts. And, by undershirts, we mean that they go UNDER things. I was aGHAST in Utah when i saw LOTS of girls and women wearing these shirts, proudly parading their nipples through the city streets since a thick bra was also too hard for them to wear. I get shades, I get how great they are when a top is too low, or doesn't cover your butt crack. They are an UNDERSHIRT.
3. Bras are meant to be hidden. This includes their straps. Since WHEN did it become FINE to wear a bra and have your straps showing out your tank top? Now, I have shown a bra strap or two in my time, most of it I blame on my kids. It wasn't meant to be that way, and I was thoroughly embarassed when I saw it. Just tonight (btw, Sweet Tomatoes is a great place to go and get aggrivated about fashion) I saw 6 girls who had tank tops on with bra straps totally not covered, coudln't have been covered... I guess I should just be glad they HAD a bra on....
but, I digress -- any other fashion misteps bugging you lately?

Wild applause

Our Primary presidency deserves WILD applause for producing my favorite ward event of the year, the Chips and Salsa Concert (formerly known as the Bread and Jam concert). We always look forward to this event with a great deal of anticipation. For this year, it was Conner's first big piano performance ever....
So, without further adieu our performance, with a opener from our other favorite group doing a great dance by my friend Janelle. I couldn't put the video online without showing a bit of their performance.

And, yes that's me Conner's duet partner. No need to comment on my need to lose weight.

Friday, April 27, 2007


I am on our church party comitee -- of course, since we're Mormon we have a better word for it then "church parties" -- it's called the Ward Activities Comitee, we called it WAC in college, and frankly it is wack. If you get my drift.
Tonight is our yearly adult dinner, where we beg people to get sitters early and come out to just spend a night with the adults. We didn't have a ton of people last year, and this year it was a shocker when we saw the sign-up lists, tons of people. Gossip chain says, however, that someone else in the ward has decided to throw a party tonight. Kind of thoughtless in my book, but I digress....
Anyway, we have a lot of people signed-up and I am anxious to see how many people are actually going to come. We are spending a fair amount on the dinner (not to mention MAKING the dinner), along with some activities and general festivity and fun. Last year we made people email us or talk to us, and this year we made it easy on them and passed around sign-up sheets.
Anyway, bringing me to the crux of my blog entry. I always find it amusing how many people say they're GOING to come, and then don't come, and don't bother to say they're not going to come. It basically make sign-up sheets completely useless. Of course, we do have those people wanting to come, and afraid to come since they didn't sign-up and of course we want everyone to come.... esp. since it's a church function.
In the end you find-out that all jobs in the church (which are stricktly on a volunteer status) are thankless dirty jobs, full of indecision and lack of grandeur.
But, then you feel all warm and fuzzy when you're done -- and realize that God's happy with the party, and he wished he could've come played your amazing creative party games with his peeps. Frankly, I wish he'd come too. It'd sure show up the other party. :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

With that layout

I am officially done with my 2006 pictures.
For those of you who haven't gotten around to mocking my OCD, I am a strictly chronological scrapper. The one upside (and believe me, I've already been lectured several times on the downsides to my VERY un-creative process) is that once they're all done I create a DVD with all our pictures, scrapbook pages and movies that we've taken through out the year, put it to music and voila -- our Family DVD 2006.
The kids love it.
But, I'm wondering if there are other scrapbookers out there that do anything similar, and if they have a program that they love? Right now I use WinDVD because that's what came with my computer. I use the Windows Movie Maker when I do stuff for clients, but as it is now (and I acutally like Movie Maker better then the one I have right now) it won't burn DVD's so I'd still have to transfer the movies I make there to win DVD to burn them.
Also, do you have favorite songs? I was gonna put that Manamana on by Cake, but I forgot. So far, my musical selections are fairly ecclectic. I have some sesame street, some Take 6 (a vocal group), some John Williams (guess what part of the year he might be scoring for us), some Jim Brickman, some Enya (what's a DVD without Enya). Anyway, I'm just wondernig if you guys do this too and have any helpful suggestions.
If you don't, I highly recommend it. On Fast Sundays when our family doesn't do our fancy breakfast together, we sit down and watch one of our many DVD's together. It's been a lot of fun and I can't tell you how much the kids adore them. I also enjoy that theyre able to look at the scrapbook pages without bending them.
OCD, I think we've already been over that.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A layout with a lot of stuff....

The cool stuff (the stars) are from my friend Kent. I won some fancy blog challenge, and I believe nothing says thank you like using the product your friends give you. :) Also, Kent didn't know it -- but Conner's "mascot" is a superstar... so I need all the stars I can get. :)

A Happy Day

Did anyone else see that Rosie is leaving the View, or that the View left Rosie -- who knows exactly how it happened.
All I can say is I'm happy.
One of the corn plants is dead, I'm so sad, I think it somehow got knocked over by the wind. Anyway, Spencer and I had to pull it and give it a proper burial in the waste bin.
Go corn, go corn, go corn....
BTW, I have beent old that growing 6 corn (and now we only have 5) isn't enough -- does anyone have any CLUE how to help the corn pollinate, when that happy day comes?
P.S. I'd just like to mention that sometimes my filter takes out word -- like the word "dead" in this entry, if I hadn't proof-read it and gone back, turned-off the filter, and re-wrote the word you would've had no idea the corn plant was dead, but if I ever comment on your blog and you think (?) -- blame the filter, K?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The True Meaning of Christmas

I'm feeling like a horse running the end of the race trying to get all my 2006 layouts done this week (and yes, feel free to mock me on your own time)....

Some Facinating Tidbits

So, I just realized that Conner has a little piece up on his school website. It's a winner by all accounts.... feel free to read it.
Also participating in the Pub Ad Inspiration challenges. I love these types of challenges, I need to do them more often.

Here's the result:

Shall I mention who's almost done with their year's scrapbooking and almost ready to produce her yearly DVD's?

Why it Is Tough to live with Me

So, last night Spencer started throwing-up. Drew had been home sick, and I think Spencer just had some pent-up gagging with a little bronchitis thing we all seem to be getting (please pray I don't). Anyway, Drew drank all our clear sodas and I start FREAKING OUT. As if he KNEW to leave those sodas for the off chance someone starts puking in our house. I was just bitter that I had to go to the store.
I really expect people to read my mind.
Is anyone else like this? I mean, I read my kids minds, and my husbands minds, but I have a special gift. I am aware they expect me to make dinner daily, get their other meals (when home), clean the house, do the laundry, stock our house with food (afordable food, let's not forget my husband's a teacher). But, are those expectations, or is it mind reading? I mean, I have expectations of Drew -- but mostly they're taking out the garbage and going to work... those are the big ones. Oh, and baths. He's in charge of baths. It's not fair to say that going to work isn't a mighty-high expectation though.
Anyway, it's hard to be Drew -- especially when he's home sick, but I do believe we've been over that one before!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Screw the contest....

So, I decided not to do the "contest"... here's my more recent layouts I haven't posted:


I have a friend who's had some very bad things happen just lately in her life. Nothing un-recoverable from -- but just frustrating things that she wishes she didn't have to go through.
Then, I went to work on Saturday. It was a long day, full of crazy deliveries and we had one fetal demise... it really put things into perspective for me. No matter HOW bad things are, there's always someone who has it worse... my friends things are things she'll get over, but the death of a sweet-most-loved baby is something that ones heart aches for forever.
Then, I read someone's blog entry about how someone is trying to build a fund to help hospital workers deal with grieving parents. While I think this is a great cause, and i'm always willing to find more training I have always found it EXTREMELY interesting to see how people deal with the grief of a lost child. I've had teenagers who had secret relief that the baby was gone, more tears from the grandma then the mom. I've had moms wraught with guilt that it must be something THEY did. I've had people lash out in anger at us. We have almost had to call security. I'm sure the ER sees the same things every day, but I don't know how anyone could teach us how to deal with something that varies so much.
I'm fairly sure this blog doesn't make sense... just some thoughts that have been on my mind lately.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Blogger

I can only see blogger in Korean.........
it's buggin.
Anyone ever have this problem? I was going to write a very insightful entry...
and now all I see is Korean.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Pictures

I've been looking at some of the old photos my parents have. I put a bunch of them in an album once as a mother's day gift, and honestly I think it's more a gift for me then my mom.
Anyway.... I treasure these photos. Espcially the candid ones that show our personality. Of course, it would be nice if I could find at least ONE professional photo of myself at some age, but the ones where me and my brother are fighting or pulling funny faces, these are the ones that truly make my laugh....
and what's in my albums? Well, more like what's it sound like when I'm taking a simple photo of my kids? "Conner, don't smile like that, Spencer stop pulling your shirt up, Spencer get your thumb out of your mouth..." and the list goes on.
It just reminded me that I need to take photos of our family as they are. Sure, a set-up photo shoot every now adn then is nice, but I need more of the kids playing on the swingset, of the kids building legos, of the kids out on their bikes crashing into one another and screaming....
Well, you get the photo.
Sometimes I forget that the photos I take now will be the treasures later on, and I think I need to have that particular frame of mind as I look through my viewfinder.
And so do you. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Love of the Net

I love how I can still be pseudo-connected with my life while we're away.  I can check the weather at home, I can check my email, I can check some of my blogs (I've transferred a lot of my blog feeds to my home internet explorer from bloglines, thinking I was all cool -- but I don't think I realized I can not remember any of those blog titles now.... I'll have to transfer them back).  I know that a lot of the people in my parents ward (did I mention their ward is a tad on the elderly-side) think that the internet is a sin to even think about (my grandma also being on one of those pages).  I love it.  I can't imagine what I did before it!  Isn't it amazing though, when you really think about it.  The fact that my mom still sees her grandkids grow-up via email and my blog, and the fact that I  can check weather from hundereds of miles away.
Anyway, bein' all philosophical on the internet today.  Thinking that today is a Brick Oven day....
Alright and as a post-script, I'd just like to mention that after writing this internet-loving entry, my parents computer wouldn't let me publish it -- I had to send it in via email.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Workin' it Out

So, the calorie counting isn't going so well. I'm kind of trying to keep track in my head, but when you go out to eat it makes it awfully difficult to figure it out.
I am riding my parents stationary bike in the AM, every weekday that I've been here. My dad took me to his little gym and I was sore ALL weekend, and many of the machines I couldn't add any weight to. That was totally a reality check. Although I tend to use low weight, with a ton of reps -- doing machines every now and then most definitely wouldn't be a bad thing. My hospital just opened-up an employee gym (to use the physical therapy room in its "off" hours), so I am thinking I might like to do that in the evenings or on the weekend.
So, what are you tips for eating well when you're eating out a lot. OF course, that tip can't include not eating the Fetuccine alfredo at Brick Oven.... I mean, I'm a girl of will, but not THAT much will.
I am also considering a visit to Cafe Rio and Magelby's fresh (stuffed breadstick with alfredo also not on your basic diet plate).

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why We Don't Live in Utah

Part one of a retrospective of all the things that bug me about Utah. I must admit my mind is verging on the thoughts of moving back. Our house would buy us somethin' real per-dy here... being close to family is da' bomb... I just like it. HOWEVER, I have found some real negatives:
1. HELLO... would a LITTLE humidity be THAT bad of a thing? My hair sucks, my skin sucks, I'm having to lather-up with lotion at every second and I don't KNOW what to do with my hair other then dunk it in a big vat of V05.... anyway, it's killing me. It's also really making me want to cut my hair.
2. Church. OMG, my parents ward is SO old!!!! When I mean old, I mean that in Relief Society I counted 9 people (including myself) under the age of 40. There was one baby in the room and I didn't hear many comments that I could relate to in my life.
3. Utah accents. I'm not a big fan of the mou-uns in lay-un (you'd have to be from or know a lot of Utahns to get this -- but I notice it a LOT when I'm here, we Utahns are too busy bearing children to say our "t's".
4. It's cold. And I know it was hot this summer. Yes, I am a pansy.
5. The Y on the mountain. Now, I am guessing that this particular oddity would wear-off after a while, but every time we turn a corner, Spencer is telling us that there is "another Y" on the mountain. It's getting old my little friend. As big of a Y fan as I am -- they're ALL THE SAME "Y".
6. Utah drivers. They don't need blinkers, they don't need to let you merge and they don't need to stay on their side of the road.
7. Have I mentioned my bad hair? It's really putting a damper on my trip.
8. Seeing people you grew-up with. I met a girl today that was in my freshman ward. I spent a fair amount of church wondering what she thought of me, both thoughts of what kind of a person I was in college (I believe that she and I had a small tiff over a boy, but I am not quite sure) as well as my little weight gain since my 115 pounds from freshman year of college). I don't think there's a single person in California that I've known for more then 5 years. It's kind of nice to have that "start-over" feeling.
9. Dry skin. Did I mention putting-on nylons with dry skin is a burden to bear? Almost as bad as shaving ones legs.
10. I like the variety that the Bay Area provides. No one asks me when we're going to have another baby (unless they're just wanting me keep-up with my Mormon peeps). Or, if they do it's out of idle curiousity rather then begging me to assure my eternal salvation. I like that I am open to a lot of things since I moved to the Bay Area. Mostly I'm open to people being different. I'm open to accepting them, loving them and moving on. I think that's not something that's not super-high in Happy Valley -- acceptance. Unless of course you're polygamist and you all wear jeans under your dresses. Then, that's totally cool.

Nothing Fancy

My mom's family has had their fare share of crap thrown at them through the years. I used to LOVE going to family parties -- the family was just a lot of fun. Teasing, jokes, stuff like that. I always picked-out special outfits to wear (since I was the only girl for a fairly long time -- my favorite aunt Ruth would always tell me how cute I was).

Now, that parties don't seem to come as freely. It's a bit o' work to get everyone together, but I must admit we still have a pretty dang good time. HOWEVER, people seem to feel like they have to pull-off a gourmet meal, or have some big deali-o, but I think we have finally learned our lesson -- that it's the people and a bag of clearance M&M's that make a party -- not the fancy planning.

I think it's that way with most parties. I have found that I love to get together with my girlfriends, but I have totally lost the pressure of feeling like I need to invite everyone and their dog (I can't have a good time if there are too many people at a party -- call me crazy), and I can have it potluck and people can bring bagel bites for all I care. :)

Anyway, just a little something I learned....

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Review of What Makes Utah Great

Some of you may wonder -- why on earth would anyone go to Utah. Well, except the funeral and the family -- but what on EARTH could be so appealing in Utah. Well, today I am going to focus a bit on the retail end.

Roberts -- it's a craft store. And supposidly it is the storefront of Provo Craft. I have gone to Provo craft (the old one on Center street IN PROVO) since I can remember, and it was the first place I ever got my scrapbooking supplies. They have great sales, they have great coupons... AND they have a discount store -- which I will be going to within the next few hours. For a gal whos LSS have all closed, this is the mecca, the mothership if you will.

Great Harvest Bread Co. -- Hello Bay Area -- WHY don't you make bread like this? I went and got 3 loaves today (one called "Cinnamon burst" -- YUM). I swear it weighed 15 pounds and they even offered me a free slice (which, sadly I had to deny because of the stupid calorie counting -- I shouldn't have eaten breakfast before I went). I wish they made bread like this in CA -- but they don't.

I think that's where I'll end for today. Does anyone else have something they'd like to add about Utah, somewhere I should check-out? I am sure I'll be doing a blog on the food-service end of thing. Can't get enough of my training table or my brick oven.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Back on the Wagon Again...

I haven't counted calories since.... well, since Sunday I do believe. The past few days have just been too busy to go online after every meal and chart what I've eaten. However, I really tried to keep track a bit in my head (funeral potatoes, I'm fairly sure, put me right over the edge).... I think that times like this is when weight watchers might come in handy. It seems easier for people to figure-out how many points different items are... but I think it's all about eating right and eating in moderation and I'm going to keep trying to do that, even while in UT with Brick Oven just blocks away.
On a brighter note, I think a visit to Roberts might be in store this week. As many of you might know, all but one of the local scrapbook stores have closed in our area, so I'm ready to take a few goodies home. Not too much, since I find myself pretty-well into cardstock and patterned paper, but I'm a girl who likes an embellishment every now and then too. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interesting Thoughts on Funerals and Dressing the Dead

Well, first off -- dressing the dead, especially when she's your grandma -- not so bad. In fact, it was really like dressing a manikin. I was expecting her to be leaking fluids and it to be on the verge of pretty-dang gross. But, it's totally not, and I actually recommend it. It's a sweet thing to do to someone who is close to you.
Today was the funeral. A pretty dang good one too, if you ask me (and you didn't, I'm fully aware). This particular family has had far too many funerals in my lifetime. I've had 2 uncles who died too early... one in a plane crash and one in his sleep. Luckily, I am vaguely able to remember most of my mom's extended family (like her cousins, etc.) and act like I have a clue what's going on. It was a beautiful service, I know my grandma would've loved it, and that's all that matters. Frankly, I'm pretty happy to have that particular part of my stay over with. I was, however, so happy to see all my cousins (minus one -- and I'll have words for her later-on). I am not as close to the cousins on my dad's side but the ones on my mom's side I have always known well, and the ones that are near my age, I had a good time with in college. Anyway, it was nice to get to see them all. It's most especially nice to remember I have extended family like that. It's not something I get to see/do in California, I wish they'd come visit.

Monday, April 09, 2007

THIS is the flip side

Alright, I have a secret, the boys and I flew to UT today... there, it's out. But Drew's still home so all you predators out there -- you can go find faux laminate countertop somewhere else because my house is still occupied.
I am not a good flier. In fact, I probably suck at it... but this flight was AW-FUL. The stewardesses had just barely started gathering trash, made a quick round and then had to sit down because it was so bumpy. I don't deal well with bumps.
Needless to say I was concerned that I hadn't given Drew the life insurance talk about where it was, how I wanted him to re-marry, stuff like that. But, with a little positive self-talk about how I had to be the adult in this particular situation, I made it through. Thank you very much.
My grandma died on Saturday. That's the reason for this little jaunt. It's nice to be here in UT, but for the next few days it's funeral central. Word on the street, I'm gonna go help dress the body tomorrow... probably good since I'm the only person she's related to that has spent a fair amount of time around the dead (besides my profession I also had a date dance dinner in Walker Mortuary here in Provo). I am hoping this will be a positive experience for me and the boys.
Drew is at home feeling sorry for himself (but isn't answering my calls... hmmm.....), so if anyone feels the urge to make extra dinner... don't hold yourself back. :)

I am not one for sponteniety....

I can't even spell it.....
See you on the flip side....

Friday, April 06, 2007

Just guess where I went tonight (church crop). I just picked cardstock for the layouts and one sheet of patterned paper for them to share.... I think it came out fine. Anyway, a done layout is a great layout in my book. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Little Master-Class on Back-Button Focus

So, I love photography, I am doubting that's a shocker to any of my blog readers, but it's true.

I've heard of people's love for back button focus, that it's fairl un-natural but once you get used ot it it produces great, in-focus pictures.

I have figured out back-button focus.

First, a regular shot:

Nothing's particularly in focus, I didn't really get my focus on the car somehow -- anyway, just didn't work out.


I am guessing Mr. Little People Mechanic is wiping the drool of his chin checkin' out his new sweet ride. Anyway, it's some of the best focus I've ever gotten....
If you have questions about how to get it email me -- or google back button focus along with your camera #. I don't think that it neccessarily makes your focus any better, but it does separate the focus from the metering, which could help focus -- I think. :)
Anyway, clear as mud?
Even if these pictures aren't as amazing as I think they are --being that it's 10:10 in the evening and WAY past my bedtime, you should still go figure out how to do it.
Go.... :)

Is everyone sitting down

Really, are you?
Because this is big news...
We are considering getting a car DVD player. Not an installed one, but just a portable one... we are considering taking a lengthy drive over Spring Break and this thought is just pecking its little way into my head.
SO, I know that SO many of you on here have been advocates of me GETTING a DVD player I want to know your specifics
Do you have one, if so -- do you like it, and what brand is it?
Does size matter {eh-hem, screen size, that is}?
How much did you pay for it?
If you could decide all over again -- would you do a dual screen player, or a single screen, and why?
100 words or less please. :)
This is big news (for those of you who perhaps haven't read the blog over the years might not know that I am a DEVOUT follower of the fact that kids need to entertain THEMSELVES while they're in the car, not some screen). And look at me, I'm getting weak.


Some of you might know that I worked as a hospice nurse for about 8 months before we moved to CA. I know, you're shocked, you're appalled -- HILARY as a hospice nurse? Yes, that was me. I had 3 patients die on me. It was truly very sad. I was happy to come to CA and find a happier profession.... but they do have something in common... tell me when this is going to happen!!!!
In labor patients are constantly asking you when they'll have the baby. As a nurse you pretty-much just waive them off becuase you really have no clue until a person is in active labor. You might have a guess (and do, give them my best guess, but I remind them that I am ALWAYS wrong) but it's the baby and the woman that are in charge of that one.
In hospice you have the same question... when is it going to happen. Similar to a birth you have several things to plan after a death, possibly even more.... But, again death is even worse, there's no way to know. The person can take an upturn, they can quickly take a downturn and none of that is anything you can expect. But, again -- I'd give a "best guess" and go on with my assessment. I would also remind them ont to hinge anything in my poorly guessed guess. Because it was, after all, a guess. :)
A couple weeks ago I was on the laboring patient's side wanting to know when, and now I'm on the hospice side wanting to know when. I'm praying for things for ALL the wrong reasons (most of which revolve around the fact that Drew has a band festival next Friday). My poor Grandma, she had a stroke over 2 years ago -- the time is right... but that heart just keeps wanting to pump and forcing those lungs to get oxygen. It's a fight to the bitter end for our bodies. Perosonally, I'd want that fight covered in fentanyl patches. I love you grandma. I just bought a little mini rose plant at the grocery store to remind me of you, I hope it thrives on my front porch.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Seriously, who couldn't waste an entire day on the internet?

What I've learned...

I've learned a few things these past few days....
1. You can truly eat WHATEVER you want. As I'm doing this calorie counter thing I am realizing that I can eat WHATEVER I want. Last night I REALLY wanted to dip my chicken fingers in ranch dressing... so I gave myself 1 tbsp and just ate it really sparingly, and ended-up only eating 1/2 of the 1 tbsp. And... I was happy. I also did the same thing with my fry sauce. You don't need to take the fry and swirl it in the stuff... you just need a little dab... I'm slowly learning.
2. Those chicken fingers are actually good, and they have 14 grams of fiber in them. I highly recommend. Conner LOVED them... I ground-up a whole bag of that stuff, so it'll be really easy to make next time . I also found that you dont need it ground into the finest crumbs -- the larger tibits were tasty too...
3. You've gotta watch your credit cards. Someone did an errant charge on ours, of course I went through the whole rig-a-ma-role of changing the card out and it was a huge pain, but they just issued our credit. I wish that the credit card people would look into people who make fraudulent charges. I mean, I understand if it's the wrong number put in by seomeone online, but I always worry those companies are scamming hundereds of people out of dollars (and I know a LOT of people don't check their credit card bills very closely).
4. The easter egg thing was a big hit the first night. I highly recommend.
5. My lab tests came back. My thyroid is fine, but my glucose was 102. It does put me in a pre-diabetic range (but just barely). My doctor says to lose weight... um... duh. She said no soda or juice (which I probably have a small glass every 2 weeks, or less), of course she also said the cut-down on the baked goods. I'm trying, I'm hoping the calorie counting will help. Has anyone ever had a high fasting glucose level?

Monday, April 02, 2007

And a final show for Mr Logan....

{raising hand}

I have a comment.
Well, some people have comments and can't post.
My friend Sarah alerted me to this? Does anyone elese have a comment and can't post -- you can email me on the side -- lemme know so I can see if anyone else has the problem....
Sarah IS a nurse, and we all know how inept nurses can be. :)

On a more interesting side-note, my friend Amie put this page on her blog:
You can put 12 eggs in an Easter Basket and each day the kids will open an egg and read something about Jesus's last days.
I really like the idea, and heavens knows we have a LOT of eggs around this place. It's going to have to be really simple this time, but I hope to make it cooler next year.
I even typed-out the scipture references and did them on -- here's the link if you're interested (I am just hoping this will work, I've never done it).


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