Saturday, June 30, 2007

I don't think they can dance

WHY did they send her home?
Without so much of an explanation?

Garden Update

There is good news, and there's bad news -- and I know ALL of you have been waiting with baited breath since March to know how it's all going.
First, the bad news: The corn is mostly dead. Not because it wasn't thriving at some point, but perhaps some of you remember my possum that the tree-trimmers found in my tree... not to mention the voracious squirrel population here... they've gotten every single stalk that's anything to talk about. They driving me insane. I hate them. Next year I'm gonna do the Zuchinni around the corn -- I hear that keeps them out (and I don't' blame them because those zucchini plants are painful to be around).
We bought some strawberry plants at Costco, and while they're doing really well -- they haven't produced much fruit. Well, no fruit up to this point, but I did see a few blossoms on it just this AM -- so I have high hopes. Same thing for our raspberry bush. For MONTHS it only had 2 leaves on it -- but now it's sprouting more leaves and I see some buds... I'd LOVE to have LOTS of berries at our house. That'd be YUMMYIOLA.
The peas are dying, we got about 10 off it it, I'm hoping to keep a few on the vine so my mom can have some when she's here. Keep your fingers crossed. However, peas don't do real well in warm weather, so this is no shock. I am hoping to re-plant in that area in the fall.
The cilantro -- last year we had it go to seed, and it's gone ALL over the yard but not so much in the pot (Even though I did an entire container of seed in the pot). Does Cilantro just not grow in pots? Am I retarded? Please, don't answer that.
And now onto the good news:
The beans have given us enough for a couple sides at dinner -- a fair amount, and they're re-populating right now.
The zucchini's doing really well. I just found a GIANT one this AM that I swear wasn't there before. I have a yummy recipe for zucchini sticks (you dip them in egg, and then breadcrumbs, then spray-on Pam and bake them in the oven -- my kids love to dip them in marinara or pizza sauce).
The tomatoes are on their little way. We have a LOT of grape tomatoes (Conner LOVES those, so that was my plan). Excited for that to get going too.
It's always fascinating to see what does well and what doesn't do so well, and learning to try harder next time. It's definitely a learning process, for sure.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Some pictures of our fancy trip

A Fridge Update

With all my seaworld excitement, I forgot to update you on the new member of our home -- our new fridge.
Anyway, it came yesterday about 6 pm. Our stuff had been in the coolers for a bit... so I wish it'd come earlier. But whatever -- I only ended-up throwing away the mayo and the fry sauce (which was almost empty, otherwise it truly would've been a tradgedy). So, they took out the old one (we're waiting for the city to come pick it up and recycle it) and brought in the new one and totally scratched it on its side. So, Sears has offered me 100 bucks I can apply towards the fridge or a new fridge. The guys put some paint on the scratch and you can hardly see it now, but still -- I was REALLY looking forward to a VERY new fridge. I'm thinking the 100 bucks -- but what do you guys think? Do you think I can get more then 100? Yes, I am cheap.
Anyway, I was supposed to wait 8-12 hours to put our food in, but stuff was melting, so I waited about 2.5 (the fridge was below 40 degrees) and shoved it all in. I'm gonna have to re-arrange today or tomorrow but I'm very happy at this point. Loving the drawer option. I don't think it holds as much as our other fridge (which was a side-by-side -- and the fridge holds WAY more then the last one)... but onthing's gonna fall out on me, and most importantly nothing is duct-taped together. :) BTW, I just put the new little poll feature on my sidebar, so let me know what you think. That means YOU. :)
Oh, and I am such a loser. I mean, I have got to suspend my tendancies to buy in bulk. It's embarassing to see 20 things of polish sausage come out of a cooler, even if they WERE a great deal. Anyway, hopefully since this fridge allows me to see things a bit better, I'll do better.

Sea the World

We spent 2 days at Sea World, and I am fairly sure we would've been fine with just 1. However, we all know how I hate to be rushed, so the two was just fine. We were able to see several of the shows twice as well as go back for dolphin feeding that we'd missed the day before.
If you go to Seaworld this summer you MUST go see Sea Lions tonight. It's a spoof about the park, pop culture and life in general but it was a good thing that our pants were already wet from the Shamu show because it was THAT funny, if you know what I'm talking about. I guess if you don't like spoofs you won't like it... but who doesn't like a good spoof? It was most definitely the highlight of our trip for both Drew and I.
As far as the other shows, they're great. They obviously put a lot of emphasis on the shows. We sat near the top of the soak zone in most of the shows and we rarely got drenched. However, it was mostly a fluke that we didn't get drenched at the Shamu show, for some reason he didn't flick his tail at us... anyway, so if your kids wan to be in the soak zone it's a happy medium. Most of the shows have really nice seating so that both kids were able to see fairly well no matter where we sat (unless it was behind someone extraordinarily tall).
Drew and I were not impressed with the aquarium exhibits. Many of them were leaking (ewww) and the exhibits were SO small. You could tell most of their money goes to the shows... and being that we've been to the Monterey Bay Aquarium we are probably spoiled. So, if you only have one day and you don't make it to all of those, I would say no loss. We really liked the Wild Arctic exhibit (if not the ride before it), and the penguins. Spencer wasn't able to go on any of the rides due to height restrictions and Conner only was willing to go on their shipwreck rapids ride so I don't have much to say about the rides.
I should probably also mention that I brought snacks along every day so that we weren't having to buy from vendors in the park. We did buy dinner one night at Sea World, at the Shipwreck rapids cafe. It was OK. Drew's vegetables were pretty gross, but I got a sandwich and it was decent. Anyway, I highly recommend the snacks in the diaper bag route (and I brought a LOT of snacks).
One of the nights we stayed for the fireworks show. It was a big mistake. Drew and I were hauling out two very cranky kids, and the fireworks just weren't worth that. I would say to stay through Sea Lions Tonight, and then the Shamu rocks show and then go home. We took our stroller out to the car before the Shamu Rocks show which was very smart because it gets SO crowded after Shamu shows... crazy crowded. Sea World could definitely work on that part of their shows. Also, I didn't feel like I learned a lot about the animals at the shows. It seemed like they used to have a lot more emphasis on education in their shows (and this year's Shamu show is mostly about kids wanting to become trainers, which Drew and I thought was weird, but it must've worked because we were asking Conner what he wanted to do when he grew-up and he said be a killer whale trainer... that was one evening at dinner after we'd been to Sea World).
But, we totally loved Sea World. Highly recommend a day spent there. The shows are totally worth the price of admission (btw, we bought our tickets from TSA -- a teacher credit union type place, they were the cheapest for the 2 days -- email me if you want more info).

Thursday, June 28, 2007


So, I'm home, and I'm hoping to work like a MAD woman (btw, guess who got a shout-out in the company newsletter from the patient surveys -- surveys that are taken by the patients after they come home to ask how their care went) -- I apparently rock. FYI. I really decreased the stress of labor. I'm re-thinking naming myself epidural. :)
Anyway, I wanted to give you a little idea of how our trip went -- some tips for any of you going these places:
So, for today the San Diego Zoo:
We had a great time here, and I highly recommend getting the buss pass, and paying attention to where it says up and down on the map. I really thought I might die on one of the uphill pushes with the stroller. I have one word for my nursing friends: "Angina." :) Anyway we loved the polar bears, the bus ride and the shows were fun too. You need a stroller, and water... there's a lot of walking involved in the zoo... but totally worth it. Especially the polar bears.
Did I mention the polar bears made the whole day worthwhile?
Just checking.
BTW, we ended-up getting memebership to the San Diego zoo, it ended-up being cheaper (and tax-deductible) to do that then to get day passes for both locations for all of us. Email me if you want info.
Guess whose fridge is coming today... in the next few hours. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I'm BaaaaAack...

Hello South Bay
Goodbye San Diego.
Sometimes you need 10 days of vacation (even with kids) to remind you why you got married, why you all hae such a good time together.
Don't ya'?
And, guess who spent the ENTIRE 10 days without internet.
Me, that's who.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hello men out there-- Happy Fathers day!!!
Drew recently (did you see I added his blog to the sidebar -- I'm gonna make you hunt for it) wrote a somewhat morose entry on his blog about father's day... that it's about present and how he deserves respect all year (sadly, Conner doesn't read Drew's blog)...
So, I set out to show him HOW WRONG HE WAS... Father's day can be his FAVORITE day of the year.
And, if you'll forgive me for not writing a longer entry, Drew's grilling tri-tip, I'm making bruchetta and mushrooms to top the steak with. Frankly, it's a happy day for everyone.
And, to my own dad... words can't express what a great father I think you are. Just look at how well I turned-out. {big smile}

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Summers here, summer's here...

Well, the dog days of summer have arrived, the AC is on and I'm ready to sit by the pool and try and make it so my legs aren't translucent.
I always start the summer with thoughts of good times with the family, lots of fun, lots of good weight-losing activities (bike rides would be a nice start) but then I start working more and more and those thoughts give way to dreams of sleep.
Of course, a little extra money ain't a bad thing either. :)
Happy summer everyone! Do you guys have big plans for your families?
Oh yeah, and I stand firm in giving each blade of grass in my lawn the moisture they so richly deserve.
Go team.

Friday, June 15, 2007


So, I'm trying to remain strong today, not not bawl like a baby at the end of school. To not think about how this moment in time will never come again, the cute 1st and 2nd grade combo is growing up and moving on... {sigh}
I'm trying to be strong.
But, on the way to school I just coudln't STOP my mind. I swear I thought of every sad thing there is out there -- dead babies, dead moms, not a clue where the thoughts were coming from.
Anyway, I didn't cry over that -- so I should be OK. Right?
Really, right?

Thank you Thank you!!!

My friends, it's that time of year again... the end of school. We all know how I deal with change... but luckily next year Conner's going to have the same teacher again. This doesn't mean that I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Ms. Dodson. She has done amazing things with the Con-man this year. I respect her in ways I didn't know were possible.

She has shared with me how hard it is to have the year end... and frankly, I hadn't thought too much of it. I know Drew has a hard time, but she'll see these kids next year...

Anyway, we love you Miss Dodson, thanks for all the time you've spent preparing, worrying, and loving for my little guy!

This is a little card I made for her with Conner.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The TV was buggin'

So, I had a little time to sit down, relax and watch some DVR, and instead I just got bugged.
Studio 60. Yes, sports medicine doctors ALWAYS take care of OB patients, and they always leave them in the ER esp. when the baby is in the 80's, and we for SURE make sure the cord will just unwind from the baby's neck. Yeah, and we eat a lot of bon-bons too.... freaks, seriously, was that NBC or a youtube presentation?
So you Think You can Dance. I wasn't bugged by who was kicked of (BTW, did Ricky give anyone else the heebie jeebies -- the gross hair, the gross teeth, the ugly outfits he'd wear dancing... yucky-ola). WHAT WAS BENJI THINKING? I mean, I don't want to see anyone's underwear but can you imagine all the people he'd touched on his mission, and what THEY thought of that?
Maybe they should call it "can you give me the heebie jeeebies"....

Thursdays with S

S is eating freeze-dried pineapple (his new favorite treat).
Scene: He's making the pineapples talk to each other
"Hey, where's the baby" (one pineapple says to Conner)
"It's hiding..... in my tummy." (he says to the pineapple)
"How do I get to your tummy?"
"You have to climb in my mouth."
"Let me in, let me in" (said pineapple is no longer)


My friend Megan's husband has been called-up to active duty. Now, I know for many of you active duty is a way of life since you come from military towns, but not so much here. This is my first friend that's had a husband go.
I'm praying my hardest for her family. I can't imagine it, and I know she's a strong girl... but still.
Anyway, just some little tears in my eyes after reading her local paper's report of Tom's send-off -- the baby passed over the railing in camoflage is theirs. That'll be a fun memory for their little tyke some day (he was just born in April).

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conversation on way home from drop-off

Spencer: "Miss Dodson says 'hi,hi,hi,hi,hi,hi."
"Miss Dodson is REALLY busy."
"Everyone wants to see Miss Dodson."
Me: "Why?"
Spencer: "Because." (the why and because continue for several moments until we are at a standstill)
{biker crosses in front of our car almost killing all of us}
Spencer: "Mama why you not use your honker for bicycle?"
"Honker says honk, honk."
Seriously, it's a miracle I ever get to school with informative talk like this.....

Monday, June 11, 2007

My Personality Report

Just did a personality report I'd found on sk*rt (link to that cool site on my sidebar -- at the bottom). It's pretty dang spot-on... what do you guys think?
My personalDNA Report

A Good Read

So, recently I heard about the site and I was intrigued. I like seeing what my friends read and most often those are the books I like most. So, I made an account, and there's a widget there to the right on my sidebar of the books that I've reviewed lately.
Just recently I read the book Twilight and I LOVED it. I highly recommend.
It's about vampire love -- but don't let your thoughts of Buffy turn you away. I could NOT stop readnig, love that... sometimes is just the thing I need to pull me through my day. So, please make your own good reads list and show them to me, I'm always up for a good book!

I don't Want a Job

My favorite seniors from church are graduating. They're so cute, going into their big blue lives to find out what they want to be when they grow-up. I've known most of them since they were around 13-14 and it's been a pleasure to see them grow-up.
So, yesterday I was talking to one of them and she was telling me about her job hunt and then she was saying how she'd rather just stay at home and hang with her friends this summer. It hit me as kind of funny -- of COURSE you'd rather just hang out and feel the joy but ALL of us have to work. It was just so funny that she was so open about it, and didn't realize how hilarious it was.
That transition from kid to adult, it has to happen almost all at once, in that one summer. It's amazing how all the sudden you're worried about money, and where your next meal is coming from -- things you never thought about before.
Big steps.
Exciting steps.
As I took my friends picture last week, large parts of me envied her. I had a GREAT freshman year. I had a really bad one too, but when I look back I only see the great fun I had, learning how to be an adult, with a bunch of friends who were also learning how to be adults. Of course, I would NEVER go back to being 18... the boy issues, not to mention college, wasn't a super-big-fan of college (most-especially nursing school). Anyway, amazing that any of us make it through those years, and I think a large part of it has to do with how your parents taught you how to be an adult those 18 years beforehand. Hence, I know these girls are gonna be fine.
Go team.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Drumroll please...

So, the new calling is a Relief Society Teacher.
Check me out.
Now, I have heard that no one opposed me (shocking, but true) -- Drew may be lying, becuase I was out helping a friend find a lost sheep (long story).
Anyway, so activities are out, lessons are in.
Ladies, I have always thought that a bit of false doctrine kinda spiced stuff up... are you with me there? :)

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Tonight, after a hellish trip to Walmart (I hate that store) we went over to some friends house to play their Ninetendo wii.
We had SUCH a great time. It was really fun to play against each other and with our friends, but while being active.
I'd love to get a wii... but with our gaming interest in this home, I am guessing that's one of the main things we'd do... which is just no good.
It's just another one of those things that can be so very very fun and good, or so very very bad and take over your life.
Seems like a lot of things can be that way... like pizza. :)
Guess whose weight fell below the magic 200 number.
Hint: Drew was already there. :)

Friday, June 08, 2007

Add it up

6 hours of field trip and helping at C's school.
2 hours transport/swimming time (in which Spencer doesn't want to leave me for 2 seconds)
2 hours of serious whining about getting their clothes back on and cleaning-up their room.
Anyone else with me?

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Graduating Friend

This was most definitely one of my favorite photo shoots ever. She was so open to being crazy and fun.... Hopefully she loves them. :)

Music from Thank you!!!!

Grocery Game

I am SO into saving money on my groceries lately, I mean -- I've always been a little excessive on my joy of saving money -- but my friend Lara encouraged me to start saving coupons so I've been working on that too... and this week I've been saving somewhere around 60% of my grocery bill.
So, I just wanted to share what I've been using, although I think I've shared many of these before.
Grocery Guide -- this one helps to show what's a good, a great and a bad deal in the grocery ads, also if you don't receive the ads, you can just look on here (although at this time there aren't pictures)
Coupons and more coupons
I have had some difficulty taking online coupons at some stores, but it's only been once. Some checkers take them, some don't... so don't go crazy printing out a million just to find-out your store doesn't take them.
Hot Deals -- sometimes this site shows you how to work a coupon and deal that a store has going to your benefit.
I have heard that grocery prices are just gonna keep going up and up due to grain and fuel costs. So, every cent matters in my book.
Do you guys have tips? I'm always looking to save MORE. :)

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Call

So, I'm changing callings. It's not a huge shocker. I've been in the Activities Comitee for 2 years now... and frankly, I'm activitied-out. :) It'd be nice to invite a non-member family to an activity every now and then now that I'm not running around like a chicken with no head running the activities. :)
However, I must say I'm not too secretive about what my callings are... I've told many of my friends what my new calling is.
What's the official church view on this?
It seems like they want you to keep it quiet until you're sustained.
Is there a reason for that? I'm not much one for secrets...
Or, like Drew and his drum majors, he likes to keep the suspense up to keep the peeps awake. :)
BTW, it's not a huge calling -- I'm excited for it though.
BTW -- my fav. drum major did very well in her interview. I have high hopes for her... and I hear I have some influence with the director. :)

Monday, June 04, 2007


So, I finally licenced the photography business.
I was feeling guilty picking up shoots without one and I've had a LOT of interest lately in shoots... so I took the plunge. However, it is apparently a bigger investment of time then of money. The licence only costs 35 dollars, but it took me almost an hour becuase I had to have counseling about using my home as a business (even though the only thing I do at my house is edit the photos, and a rare CD pick-up). Anyway, I'm a little nervous because 20 of the 35$ fee is for a fire department inspection. Besides my kids thinking it is VERY cool if a fireman comes to our house, I just hope they don't whine at me having my laundry detergent too near my heater.
Anyway, it's done -- I have a temporary number, so now I'm totally ready to become rich. I have a session with one of my favorite seniors (high school, not geriatric). Very excited for that -- hoping to be very Tara Whitney-esque.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Measurement Sunday

I should probably measure AFTER fast sunday -- but today works just as well. Over the last month I've lost 2.4 pounds. I still haven't made it past the magic 200 mark but I'm hopeful for next month. I must say that I don't think that having my birthday and mother's day in this month helped very much. I haven't lost any inches, and in fact I think I've gained in most areas, which seems weird. Who knows.
But, I am liking the calorie counting. Overall, pounds are coming off, and I've almost lost 9 pounds since I've started. I am eating all the things I want, just in moderation (or cutting back in other things in my diet). I feel like it's something I can stick to.
Oh, and the fridge won't come til near the end of the month due to their soonest delivery date, but I'm excited for it anyway. Our other fridge is probably near 20 years old. It doesn't shut all the time anymore, and it only has 1 temperature control, so either our milk freezes or our ice cream is slushy. Also, several of the shelves have broken and are held together with duct tape. The mayonaise hides a giant piece of plastic that has come out somehow... it's super classy. We bought this one as a very old used fridge when we moved here and we are excited to have our FIRST new fridge of our 10 year marraige. Go us.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

There's a Brand New Chill in the Air Today!

Well, there won't be a chill for quite some time, actually.
BUT, Drew and I have had the same sorry little used fridge since we moved here in 2001. We bought it used and it's done well.. until recently. It has only one control so the fridge either freezes stuff, or the ice cream is melty... it's quite sad.
Anyway, tonight Drwe and I went on our date night to Sears and brought a brand new fridge. We're much, much poorer now (although officially there's no payment due for a year)... but we're excited to have it reside in our home soon...
I hate big purchases... but I'm surprisingly much better at making those decisions then I am at the grocery store trying to decide on silly little things....

Friday, June 01, 2007

Scrapbook night

Tonight was scrapbook night at church... although not many people came, I was still productive... at least I think so. :) Also made a few cards.


Today Drew has invited me to help interview the Drum Majors for next year's marching band. It has sent me whirling back to my own drum major interview. I remember sitting in the room (we did ours in private -- with about 10 people interviewing us) and I can't remember a single question besides "Hilary, what do you think about Sarcasm?"
Freakin' question.
Truth is -- I LOVE IT -- it's HOW I GET BY THROUGH MY DAY.
Move on.
I came up with some PC answer dancing around how it's my vice, it's my tool to get through all the dumb in this world. I still was made the DM though... along with Shad Newson, and that's a WHOLE other story in itself.
But, today is their day. I think I have a few insightful questions that will hopefully help Drew to make the best decision, but also get them thinking if this is something they really want.
Of course, one of the people trying out is one of my most favorite people, but I'll try and keep that hidden, and remain my objective self.
On another note, I also was taken way-way back when Conner is taking his visit to the zoo today. I remember going to the zoo in First Grade. Back in the day that was my first ride on a school bus, and it was ALL THE WAY to Salt Lake. I couldn't believe how grown-up I was... alone at the zoo. And now look at me.
I hope he has the best day ever. Too bad there's no Liger at this particular zoo.


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