Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween my peeps!

Although, I'm sure most of you came to my blog to see if I'm ALRIGHT after the BIG EARTHQUAKE last night. Well, I'll tell you it was pretty scary. Pretty DANG scary, in fact.
My mom and I happened to be in the 2nd largest Macy's west of the Mississippi -- in the basement. It was like the whole room was shaking, hard since the clothes were totally moving. My mom and I started for the escalator, manequins fell and when we got upstairs there were cosmetics on the floor, thankfully we were able to get out fast and OUT of the parking garage. I was able to get a hold of Drew right after the quake (I think my cell phone was in my hand) but then the phone systems seemed to go down for a while afterwards. Just a reminder that you need an outside contact. My mom was able to get hold of my dad but we couldn't get to Drew at all (we didn't try once we were home, but I hear the networks were down for about 1/2 an hour).
Funny story, Drew was home with the kids (thankfully it would've been more scared if they were with us and we had to haul them all out). Anyway, he stood on the bathroom doorway while it was occuring, and then he went in the kid's room. Conner's first response "It wan't me!" Funny.
So, just a reminder about what's really spooky out there, and it doesn't have to do with cobwebs, if you catch my drift!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Brit tagged me... although I am not sure there is anything my blog readers DON'T already know about me. Here I go.
6 things people don't know about me:
1. My Kindergarten teacher was murdered.
2. I did virtually every job (custodial, cooking, baking, dishwashing, special events coordinator)at the Cannon center before entering the luxurious world of nursing.
3. I almost got kicked out of nursing school (that teacher no longer works for BYU... shocking, but true). My teacher didn't feel my work was up snuff for someone who was the daughter of the dean (it was actually that last part that my father took um bridge with and wrote a little letter to the college of nursing).
4. I have played Hail to the Chief for the former President Bush.
5. I sewed 2 left legs to some pants in high school, and swore I would never sew again.
6. I am obsessed with locking my car (possibly tied into number one? You be the judge.)

Yup yup, I don't think many of you knew most of those things. :)

Robin needs his own theme song....

Again, push play to hear music...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Look out, it's Spiderman!

If you want to hear the music, just click on the lower left picture and hit play. It's more dramatic that way. :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

South California

I really think they should split our state in two. The Carolinas and the Dakotas did it....
Anyway, I'm completely devastated for the people in So. Cal. It's AWFUL. I absolutely abhore watching them all on TV going back to their burned homes though. I wish they'd stop showing it. I can't imagine who it's good for.
So, I really think it's time to copy the right papers and get them in our 72 hour kits. However, on Sunday they were saying that there's no reason to copy birth certificates because they're not certified, which makes sense, but I don't think I'm gonna take all the effort to get certified copies right now.
So, tell me -- what have you made copies of... what should I be including?
So far I'm thinking
  1. Homeowners and car insurance
  2. Mortgage papers
  3. Birth certificates for all 4 of us.
  4. Account #'s and telephone number of credit card companies
  5. Important phone numbers (just in case I can't remember my mom's).

The other thing, it seems like I heard if you copy something at Office Max they still have a record of what you've copied.

Tell me I'm paranoid. :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Role Reversal

I know I've talked about role reversals on here before, but it's happening again in our house, and it's not me and Drew.
Spencer is becoming a naughty little thing lately. I'm not sure if it's because we were both sick last week and I was pretty lax on parenting, but MAN he's into mischief all the time now, all of the sudden.
I must admit I'm used to Conner being the one into stuff, but man -- 7 is just a great age. He really is working to be a good kid, I really appreciate that.
3, on the other hand. Well, I know, you've all been there.
I'm so used to yelling out Conner's name when I hear something crash, and now it's not him. I feel bad.
So, marshall law's in force here around ranch Erickson. Good luck gentle townspeople.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Why Not to Hold People who You Don't Know of Esteem

I used to really like JK Rowling. It's such a great story, isn't it? Single mom, pulling herself up by her bootstraps using just her imagination and a piece of paper and eventually making millions, or is it billions?
BUT, HELLO... WHY oh WHY did you have to reveal that Dumbledore chooses a lifestyle I don't particularly agree with?
It's never mentioned in the books...
You say you'll never write another one....
So why?
And why confuse kids any more then they already are?
I was talking to my dad about this situation this morning. He said this is why you should never esteem people who are in the public eye. I mean, it's true -- there are plenty of tales of people who show virtuous characteristics around me. I was just thinking this in church the other day. I looked around and saw so many people who struggle through so much, I was just impressed by all of them. I mean, truly, you don't know them -- you don't know the whole story when you're just hearing it on the news.
But, when you meet someone eye to eye who has an amazing story to share, perhaps those are little moments to be thankful for. I have always thought we could learn more about our Savior by watching those around us. I think it's true. I think it's something I'm going to try to do more of this week. With REAL people, not those who are most likely to disappoint.
{shaking head}

Saturday, October 20, 2007

More interesting....

Found this link on one of the blogs I read. Interesting read on reverance. Not really sure if it's about being reverant, or obedient. It's actually fairly close to what we do (although we allow each child a book during the meeting, since neither one is much into coloring -- but I think Conner's book will stop next year).
Anyway, some interesting points in there. And it's long, so be comfie before you start reading.
BTW, I completely disagree with the father part. If your parenting skills are this bad, the mom needs to practice. I, in my opnion, am better at taking the kids out then Drew -- but that's just me. :)

Friday, October 19, 2007


Some interesting things:
1. Checking out my keyword analysis today It is as follows:
  • malt shoppe provo, utah
  • pologomist in utah
  • sister beck controversy (interesting... had this a couple of times lately)
  • chastity fun (btw, don't google this, take my word for it)
  • get drew's curls
  • skinny cow ice cream on sale in utah albertsons
  • shad newson (sorry)
  • sister beck talk

2. The computer fast went really well today. I mean, I'm spending time with my kids, I'm getting more stuff done. Even though I plopped on the couch for a little tv this afternoon, I still count myself job well done.

3. Tonight was "fantastic Friday" (which was prior to a couple of years ago Super Saturday -- I like it on Fridays better, works better for Drew and my schedules). I was driving to the church and just realized how grateful I am for a church that recognizes a few things: First, that women need to gather. It's important to foster women's friendships, to feel a community. Secondly, that women need to have creative outlets... I'm not really what I would consider crafty. However, I do love Fantastic Friday -- we're learning and making stuff. We're chatting and eating soup. Frankly, it's one of my most favorite activities of the year. Thanks you guys, for doing such a great job. Perhaps I'll take pictures of what I made.

And now for some sleep. Flu shots are tomorrow. Give me strength... :)

A Computer Fast

Some people want fast computers, and I've decided I need a computer fast. Well, not strictly a fast but I'm just so quick to get on when I have a few minutes, I know those minutes could be spent doing something else so I'm limiting it. And this time I'm really going to try. I'm also going to be turning my computer off between computer sessions (I figure 3 10-15 minute sessions to answer emails, check blogs that are actually important to me is more then adequate)... I literally could spend HOURS surfing the net, dreaming about trips to Disneyland. I know there's got to be better ways of spending my time. Even if it's figuring out how the dang transformers work with my kids (hate you transformer people).
Anyway, it's something I'm really going to try -- hopefully for the next week or so.
Have you guys ever tried this, and found anything that worked?
I'm addicted, it's true.
BTW, Elder Oak's talk in General Conference really hit me... didn't you guys LOVE his talk?
Oops, timer's rining, computer off.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last night I watched Catch and Release. It might be that I'm ultra-sensitive since I taught that Chastity lesson, but I ended-up fast forwarding through several minutes of the movie... I thought the movie was OK. I didn't like that she fell in love with her fiance's best friend just days after her fiance died, but whatev.
However, I'm wondering if there really are movies out there that I'd like the whole thing anymore? I didn't really like Dream Girls (sorry Lara, tis' true). It seemed like when I was in high school I absolutely loved almost every movie I saw (and being that we lived not far from a dollar theater, I saw a fair number).
So, has anyone seen anything lately I can add to my blockbuster que? I think Blades of Glory is up next.
Anyone seen anything lately I should take OFF my que?
Is that even how you spell que?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stanford Learning Lab

Spencer has gone up and done 2 studies at the Stanford Learning lab on Stanford campus. Today, they asked me to put the word out that they are looking for more families to come and participate in their studies.
I have really liked it, it's interesting to see to how he interacts with the adults and showing what he knows. I am aware that it's a bit of a drive but since it's only every 3-4 months it's worth it -- and you can always say you're not interested in doing a study right now.
So, if you're interested you can visit -- to get more info.
Today Spencer was putting small items in containers. So, they'd say can you put 5 in this box. He could do 1-4, anything more then that he was just throwing them all in. Very interesting since we do stuff like this at home together, but usually I'm hinting and helping.
Anyway, it always gives me ideas of things to work on at home...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I don't know if any of you noticed this about me, but I used to be a very obsessed scrapbooker. I knew everything about the industry, I consistantly submitted to magazines, I had layoust published... all that jazz. But, then I had a few run-ins with the "industry". I realized that an industry in which I found so much pleasure was just an industry, like any other industry. They were out to make money, not to advance the cause of keeping family histories (although they pretend to do that while making money -- much like how Kaiser tries to advance the cause of being healthy while also making money, but Kaiser is a whole other entry...). I think that realization took a lot of the fun out of it for me, until just recently. I have flipped through the books with Spencer and he has had so much joy in it, and it was obvious that he is not an industry. He thoroughly enjoys flipping through the books, feeling the texture of the chipboard, buttons and ribbons. More he enjoys seeing himself grow up, and remembering the good times that our family has had.

So, I'm back to scrapbooking, and really enjoying it. I no longer know who produces every little line. I do know that it's fun to walk down a paper isle and pick out patterns that pleasing to me, and I know will fit-in with our family. I don't need to feel obligated to use flowers more often, or the color pink. I don't need to worry about using all the newest things so a magazine will notice me. For, I find those magazines to be fairly dishonest at times and I'm not sure I would want my family's history associated with them anyway.

BUT, what I've also realized is that digital scrapbooking most definately has a place in my heart. So often I take a LOT of photos and have a hard time getting them all on a page, and that -- my friends -- is a place where digital scrapbooking can be a good neighbor. So, here's a couple of pages I made for things our family did this summer. Then, I just printed them at Costco (8X10's are only 2 bucks at Costco) and will glue them on some cardstock for stability and throw them in my albums. Anyway, just learning how to make scrapbooking work for me now, that my views have changed. I really feel it's important, and that I can do it. Do any of you have favorite digital stores? It might be fun to have a few more items (although 2P's does a free kit every month -- I highly recommend those).

Monday, October 15, 2007


So, I had a lot of good comments on my motherhood post. I thought I would share some of them here
Stop feeling sorry for myself. I completely agree. I think that as a teacher's wife we find the extremes intolerable (and that seems to come from most teacher's wives I've talked to). One month your husband is home full time and you wish he'd find something to do, and one month he's gone entirely and completely in charge and has no way of escaping. However, Drew is definitely home more then the average father when you even out all the months. I probably build marching band season up too much.
Yell from my diaphragm. Thanks for the info, I will try. Nothing's more annoying then yelling at your kids and then realizing your throat hurts. :)
Watch what I'm eating. I totally agree with this one. When Drew's gone I'm less likely to build good healthy meals. This weekend seemed to be a lot of trailing him around to places and trying to work food around that... so that can really be a culprit.
Acknowledge to the kids when I'm ornery. I think this is big. I mean, they're angry some of the time and I'm fine if they yell in their room or punch pillows. I expect them to apologize when they yell at me, so I should do the same. Set a good example of dealing with my emotions.
Watch mistakes, don't make them again. Life's a learning process. I also learned that no mom is perfect so that helps me to remember that every one's going through days like this, and somehow that helps me to feel better too.

So, this week I'm going to work on positive reinforcement. Conner's teacher is SO good at this, and I've been using it when I teach ABC school and it does wonders. So, yesterday during church I wrote down some of the ways I can instill positive reinforcement in our home. Some ways I thought of are
Stickers (I bought like 1,000 tiny stickers and it's amazing what a little sticker in recognition of a job well done can do).
Allowing kids to have input into what they eat.
Doing an activity with the kids.
Computer time
TV time
Positive words and a hug.
Do you guys have anything else that you use to accentuate the positive in your house?

BTW, the chastity lesson is done. I think I was more nervous to teach that one then any other, surprising since that's my background. However, I was nervous what the older women would think. Hopefully I didn't offend anyone. :)
AND, I am vowing to get back into scrapbooking. I am LOVING the digital books that a lot of my friends are doing, so classy and clean (not to mention easier)... but I decided to stick with the handmade look for now. So, 4 layouts done yesterday, one of them I'm not posting beceause I'd have to block out too many kids. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

A Very Growly Rowly Mom

Marching band is in full swing. Drew has been gone during child-time hours from about Wednesday til' tomorrow morning. I think he helped out a tiny bit on Thursday dinner but was off within 1/2 an hour (this time Trombone Choir being the culprit).
So, I'm dealing OK with it all til' yesterday. Of course, Drew is never really "gone" I still had to show-up to take him back to his car, and of course he made us wait and the kids were freaking out and by the time we got to little Ceasar's there was a wait for pizza, and I'm fairly sure that all of you can figure out where this is going. Mostly some very unhappy kids (did I mention we missed the homecoming parade all together because they changed the time at the last minute).
So, the kids were really sad (rightly so), and wanting dinner. Whine, whine, whine.
I just lost it. My voice hurt from all the yelling. Of course, I am also fairly sure that Spencer had NOT stopped talking to me since about 8 am... I just needed some time to gather my spirits and figure out what in heavens name to have for dinner... thankfully, I found hamburger buns and bbq pork. Lucky me.
So, what do you do when the growly rowly mommy comes out in you? Let's not pretend that it doesn't come-out... Usually my strategies are:
1. Have a plan (totally thwarted yesterday, esp. with the rain).
2. Have something fun planned (something you'd both find to be fun) -- today I think we're gonna have drive-in movie where we eat dinner in front of Peter Pan.
3. Crack down on infringements. Yesterday my choice of dicipline was yelling, and that never works. I should've put people in time-outs so we could all have some cooling periods. Idle threats are the devil's work. :)
I'm carrying on, I'm putting my shoulder to the wheel, I'm going where He wants me to go...
Go mommies, go.

Friday, October 12, 2007

New Music

My friend Amie showed me a new children's CD on her blog. I loved the music, very acoustic and simple for babies. I emailed them and asked them if I could use their music and they were OK with it, so I added it to my photo blog.
You can click on the link to the right to hear it, and scroll down to see their site.
The music's pretty cool, and fun songs to sing to your kids.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chastity at its finest

I'm teaching the Chastity lesson on Sunday....
Everyone finds it amusing that I'm scheduled to teach it. Of course, I was infamous for turning every lesson in YW into a chastity lesson, but that's neither here or there.
I often see the ill effects of not living the law of chastity so I have a lot of firm viewpoints but I want to hear from my blog readers.
What do you want to hear in a chastity lesson?
Have you already had it? Did anything ring out?
I've heard everything from stressing the importance of staying away from sTD's, to realizing it's a forgiveable sin and you're able to move-on.
I'm hoping to give a little something to everyone.
Hilary, making Chastity fun again. :)
P.S. I want to hear from my non-member friends as well. What are your thoughts on chastity?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Lifetime of Blessings

Last night, I only ended-up working 4.5 hours of my 8 hour shift and some of my other peeps got cancelled too so we all headed to the Nordstrom's bistro for dinner. HELLO, YUMMY!! Has anyone else been there. I'd had a couple of friends say how good it is but they weren't quite emphatic enough. :)
Anyway, we had a great night, I haven't worked a lot lately so they filled me in on the latest happenings at work. They are actually taking out nurses who aren't doing their jobs. Ones that we've had issues with since I started and now they're putting them in other places where they'll be, most likely, happier. ;) At least we'll be happier. Anyway, I've been at that hospital now for just about 3 years and I've had around 6 managers I think. It's nice to see some action.... Plus, it was nice to hear about my friends lives. I rarely hang-out with the people I work with. Our lives are so busy with other friends it's something I was happy to do, and need to do more often.
On the way home I was just feeling so blessed in my life. Spencer's had a really croupy cough so I was wanting to get home early just in case he had a bad night, but I was still able to get out and be a normal person for an evening. It's just amazing that Heavenly Father always gives us what we need. It might not seem like it at the time but we are always blessed. Every. Single. Time.
P.S. The peeps at work LOVE my pictures, tons of people asking for cards. Of course,
I forgot to hand them out as I was leaving... but still a nice feeling regardless. :)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Same but Different

First off, ABC school was very fun. The anticipation of how very bad it could be always is worse then what really happens. I was able to cut out coupons while they played. All was well in the land of E. :)
Secondly, Sister Beck's talk seems to have sparked some controversy out in the land of Mormon-dom. A lot of women felt very inadequate by her talk which I thought amusing since we heard the same sediments just a week before (was it Sister Beck that said them, or President Monson, I can't remember) at the General RS meeting. I found it to be a call to arms. A reminder that we SHOULD be the BEST -- to keep trying, striving and working to make it the best family it could be. Many other women felt like theirs never was going to be the best, so why try.
Interesting images. A cheerleader saying GO, GO, GO -- does the football team member put on the steam and give it his all, or does he give-up thinking he'll never be good enough?
Of course, on the appropriate day her talk could've reduced me to tears in the same direction as those women who felt inadequate. Some days I lose my temper, some days I want to kill my husband, some days I just want a time-out (of course, the time out would be equal to my age in minutes -- right?).
Anyway, I think her talk will be my personal cheerleading mantra. I can be the best -- at least the best mom these kids are ever going to have. I can help at school, I can be more cheerful, I can do more playing with my wee ones. I can do all of that. And perhaps with her cheering me in the background I will do at least some of it.
On a sidenote, who loves that she has normal hair? Seems like RS presidents always have such high, teased hair .... it was nice to get someone who you could picture yourself friends with. Not that I don't love all my friends who tease and aqua-net their hair a few inches above their scalp... but, you know. :)

Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm teaching ABC School today. I always approach this with a great amount of angst. We had SO many kids in Conner's group that it was truly a very painful experience for me. I don't deal well with virutal chaos. ANYWAY, it's the letter E too -- which makes me nervous. I'm tired of being the vowel gal. :) Luckily, I have an elephant costume waiting in the wings. :) For the kids, of course.
Anyway, last night I aws writing down everything that I wanted to do and I told S that it was at our house tomorrow and his little face just lit up and he screamed "YAY!!!!"
And then it hit me. All these things we do for our kids. I mean, there's no way you'd have found me teaching kids letters of the alphabet before we had kids... but I do it now, so willingly because I know he loves it.
So, off to find a book about an elephant, darn that we returned Elmer the Elephant just last week but I'm sure there must be something else around here. Go me.
Oh, and we're feeding the missionaries tonight -- kids love that, and some day they'll be on missions of their own... again didn't do it EVER before i had kids (of course, I lived in UT back then).

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Best Mom

I really liked Sister Beck's talk (is that her name, the General Relief Society President?). I have always thought that Mormons were bred to be the best moms. My mom showed me how to be a great mom, and I do a lot of what she did, along with other things I've learned from other great mom examples I've had. However, I never thought it had to do with the church, more of a tradition, but I realized that so many things I do that make me a great mom stem from the church.
I actually got a little emotional when she talked about how great moms make the choice to spend more time with their children and not at work. General conference totally helps me to mold what happens in my family over the next 6 months, and this year was no different.
I also really enjoyed Dallin H. Oak's talk on prioritization. He seemed to cover SO many good topics in one talk, he definitely got the "hard doctrine" award for me.
BTW, General Conference is held every 6 months in Utah for members of the church. General leaders of the church (the prophet, his counselors, the 12 apostles and the 70's) speak to us and that's considered scripture for us to live by. I'm grateful for leaders who are so in tune with our society and what's troubling the church in general.
Also, the Halloween costumes are almost done, if it wasn't for a lack of black Velcro they'd be completely done.
Go me.

Friday, October 05, 2007


Why is it I can totally deal with confrontation if it's a patient, or a manager at the grocery store, but not if it's at home or with someone I love?
Deep thoughts,I know -- and it assures Drew I am not in love with the groery store manager.
So, today I'm at Lucky and Chewy Granola bars are on sale, Drew eats one almost every morning for breakfast (please forward any thoughts about what a crappy breakfast that is directly to him)... so I'm excited, plus I have a coupon, but they're not listed that way on the shelves. Of course, a couple other things in the ad aren't listed that way either. So, I take them up and they ring-up wrong and they explain to me that because my box wasn't yellow (although it was -- just with more words then in the add) that it wasn't on sale.
Then, after checking with another manager they decided they would give it to me for the price. However, when I asked them about their policy of giving one for free if it didn't come-up as advertised (yes, all of the grocery stores that I go to around here do that) -- they said they were only doing it as a courtesy for me, not because it was supposed to be on sale.
So, I don't mind one iota standing up to the grocery store manager... but I get so nervous about other things.
Maybe I should just picture everyone as a grocery store manager.
Think that'll work?

Thursday, October 04, 2007


So, Miranda and I were on our regularly-scheduled walk today, on one of the many river-walks our community has to offer. I feel like something weird's on the stroller wheels, I stop to kind of shake the stoller to get-off any errant gravel. I feel like something's under my shoe, most likely a piece of rope or something my eyes gaze downward.
OMG, it's a snake.
A tiny snake, most likely smaller then the piece of rope I was envisioning under my shoe, but this thing is wiggling like crazy. I started screaming, I (forethought of taking my stroller with me is admirable, don't you think?) run away screaming and doing the freaking out dance while Miranda watches (most likely with tears running down her face while watching me dance). She checked, it was just a water snake, and it was able to slither itself away even after 100 pounds of me was on top of it.
If I was so grossed out that I'm still nauseated just thinking about it, I'd be impressed with its will to survive.
BTW, no, I didn't hide my nasty freak-out from Spencer -- who I am sure, will be scarred for life.
No biggie, right?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stupid goals....

So, I made a goal to be done with my scrapbook pages from Utah before next Fast Sunday so I could work on my video and get it more caught-up.....

I realized it's October and I haven't done a thing.

So, I did today.

I realize that simple is the new scrapbooking. Getting names, dates, and some texture is about all I can manage, but it did make me happy to create. Love creating....

K, couldn't resist

Had to post my business card....

Of course, it's better in person (got them yesterday).

Whatcha think?

A New Little Pope

My brother had his baby last night, all I know is she has an adorable name.... and a tiny body to go with it. :) All is well, at least that's the word on the street.
So, it's their third girl. I'm completely at a loss at what to give.... anyone have any baby stuff they love. My SIL introduced me to Robeez, so that's out.... my mom has given both of us Sandra Boynton books, so she's out. She's too far away for pictures, so that's out.
I'm always so nervous when friends/family are in labor. I picture all the bad things that can happen. I picture problems with the baby.
I am always so thankful to hear good news. It's a miracle that babies are ever perfect.
Truly, a miracle.
Welcome Ms. Delaney... I hope I spelled your name right.

Monday, October 01, 2007

It Only Takes a Spark

Did you ever sing that song around the campfire at girls camp?
"It only takes a spark, to get a fire going..." (la, la, la -- I can only remember one line).
However, my spark moment has occured.
I am about to impart to you some seriously sad news, I love America's Next Top Model. I LOVE to watch the shoots, and see how they pose them and all that jazz. LOVE that. Not so in love with the Caddy girls, and I REALLY hated how the girls were always smoking. Tyra always holds herself up as a beacon of love, kindess and a tiny Oprah. Yet, on her show the girls are smoking like it's a form of life support. Of course, they're all super skinny (and guess how one GETS super skinny... I'll give you 3 guesses).
So, last year I wrote the network an email stating my views and asking for a smoking-free house.
What do I get this year? An anti-smoking ad campaign and a smoke-free house.
I am sure other people wrote in, but I know I did, and I inflicted change.
Check me out. :)
P.S. Did watercolors with the boys today. I'm uber fun.

I Am Not The Fun Mom

So, today Spencer and I had to run by Safeway after dropping C off for school (I was out of diced tomatoes, and was having a hard time with that, when I realized that they were on sale -- 10 for 10 at Safeway today). ANYWAY, I saw this mom who was being so fun in the store. She and her son (who looked to be about 18 months) were just playing as she walked through the grocery store, she'd pretend the cart was out of control and you could tell they were just enjoying each other.
Flash to me, checking out the labels on everything, checking my receipt to make sure that it's right (57% savings today, thank you very much)... just trying to dot all my I's, as it were. I realized I am so rarely the fun mom.
So, since it's early out EVERY day this week (lucky, lucky me) I pledge to do some more fun stuff with the kiddos. I'm not the mom that's apt to flounce down on the floor and play cars with them but I'll do what I can. :)


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