Monday, January 14, 2008

The Bad Seed

So, as I've said -- Conner's had some problems listening at school. He's never had too ill of behavior at school (let's face it, he's 7 and a boy -- we're lucky this is all I have on my plate) but now that I have some more seasoned parents reading my blog I thought I would ask how you back up behavior at school at home?
His teacher does a card system where the best is Purple, then Blue, then yellow, then red and then the ill-begotten black card (in which case you have to go to the pricipal). Lately we've just gotten a lot of yellow cards -- mostly because the teacher warns him and he immediately goes back to the bad behavior.
Anyway, has anyone been in this situation? I'm prepared not to worry about it (I appreciate all those comments on the blog lately, and I am VOWING to not worry anymore -- and remind myself to either do something about it, of if that's not possible to leave it in God's hands). But, if there's more I could be doing I want to do so. Both Drew and I are popping in the class this week, so that is a good help right there.
Oh, and we watched the Nativity Story last night. I'd put it on our Blockbuster list over Christmas but then it didn't come til' the 27th or so. Drew and I had both been kinda putting it off but we watched it last night. I felt such compassion for Joesph. It was a good movie. Big recommends for it. I think I really had some introspection at the point where Mary was so worried about what would happen to her and this baby since she was out of wedlock and she just said it's in the Lord's hands. And even though I wasn't inpregnanted by Him -- I know he watches out for me just as much.


  1. renee2:00 PM

    I go with a reward system at our house, and the behavior has been changing. Reward for good behavior and take away for the naughty. Earning certain points for something kind of big (movie-out) or special toy. Now with the naughty behavior, we taketh away. They don't seem to like that part of the deal and it makes them think. I too have two boys (7-3) and this system seems to make us happier.

  2. Yeah, I agree....Bria lost privileges if her teacher ever had an ill report. It only ever happened in Kindergarten, but it seemed to work well with her.


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