Friday, January 11, 2008

Even My Garbage Can Wanted to Commit Suicide

So, last night I'm making dinner (boiled my own beans before using them in my soup -- very thrifty I am -- but MAN the beans boiling did NOT smell good -- made me re-think my thrifty ways. Conner kept asking what was smelling so bad and I'd say "that's our dinner dear." -- nice)... anyway, back to making dinner I hear this weird clicking sound, and i look over to see the garbage can lid still open.
Sidetrack: We have the coolest garbage can ever. I wanted a stainless steel one, and found one at Costco that open when your hand goes near it -- it has an infrared sensor that knows you're close and it just opens -- it's pretty much the talk of the town. :)
I push it down and it slowly goes down... and it no longer works.
MY FANCY GARBAGE CAN COMMITTED SUICIDE? It somehow snapped its own gears off. Thankfully, this garbage can is a Costco purchase, so Drew took it back, got a refund with no questions asked and bought us a new one -- THAT is now 1 dollar cheaper. Feel the joy. I even like this one more, it has a better shape and it's more quiet.
And heavens knows we need some quiet around here.
What elese happened around here yesterday, to precipitate such a drastic trash action? Funny you should ask....
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger proposed a 10% cutback to education. I won't remind you that if we get another pink slip from our fine school district, it will be our last.
  • I got sick from the fine dinner I was making (or frankly, the stress of the day -- perhaps my GI tract wanted to end it all as well). The dinner was actually good -- it was a black eyed pea soup -- it's supposed to bring good luck in the new year (uh-huh).
  • My work situation seems to be settling into us being poor.
  • Conner's had behavior issues at school -- and I'm fairly sure it stems from the fact that my children talk to each other from the moment they wake up til' they turn into their bedtime comas (and not a moment before-hand). Hence, he's talking a bit too much at school.
So, I'm about ready to shear off my own gears.
Funny thing, in the scriptures this AM I read about having hope and how we have to have hope.
So, I have hope, and I'm reminded that even after out little garbage can incident -- in the end we were better-off then when we'd started.
Feel. the. joy.... and the hope. It's beaming brightly before me.


  1. I gotta end that song now that you started it...
    "There is hope shining brightly before us, and we know that deliverance is nigh!" Amazing how hope really is so powerful and why Heavenly Father requires us to have it....we'd all be in the loony bin without it!

    My friend has that garbage can, it's super cool!

  2. I need a gargabe can like that.. maybe I could Jacob proof it easier than with the one I currently have.

    Hopefully, this one won't commit suicide.

  3. Sigh. Walk by Faith for sure. Justa little hiccup along the path.


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