Wednesday, January 30, 2008

FHE at the Ericksons

I had a request for completely anal FHE schedule.
Mock if you will.
1st & 3rd Monday -- from the past General Conference Ensign (we've done this for most of our FHE's, and last year we concentrated on the articles of faith -- I feel very strongly that this is the best FHE's we can have, although I also felt like I needed a little freedom, so that's why we've chosen to do them twice a month). Sometimes it takes some ingenuity to whittle these down for the kids, but I've often found unique ways to do it, that help me to better unsteand their talks anyway.
2nd monday -- Family preference. Sometimes we need help in certain simple areas. Most often you will find this FHE to be on sharing or not arguing. Shocking, I know.
4th Monday -- Article of Faith review -- I really liked our article of faith lessons last year, but doing it every week was painful -- it's nice to only do one week and focus on re-memorizing and reminding how we use them in our lives.
5th Monday -- family preparedness. We do fire disaster drills, we make sure our 72 hour kits are stocked, that kind of stuff. My kids LOVE these lessons. And since they kind of get repetitive, it's nice to only do them every couple of months on the 5th Monday.


  1. Anal or not, I rather like it.

    We have the kids take turns giving the lessons, though. And they get to choose their topic...usually out of the Friend or a couple other books we have with FHE ideas for kids in them.

    When it is Sophia's turn, Joel and I do it. :)

  2. LOVE your schedule!!


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