Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

A member of our ward Bishopric mentioned that we should be attending ALL of our meetings. This wasn't even spoken to those who leave after one meeting (and there are plenty of those) -- but to those in our ward who saunter the hallways chatting during Sunday School.
I'll admit it, I've been guilty of it before -- but once I started my calling in Young Women's I really wanted to be a good example to those girls. Of course, when I was 9 mo pregnant with Spencer it hurt to sit so bad I would sometimes take a lap during Sunday school just to shake-off the old tailbone (it also still hurt for almost 2 years after he was born -- am I the only one that happened to?). Fortunately, in the past few months I've found some Sunday School teachers who are really great. Right now we're in a Marriage class which has been REALLY great. Thankful that I'm excited to go to Sunday School right now.
Of course, after the gentle reminder the bishopric member said that he understood that having a young child might prevent you from attending Sunday School.
Of course, in my head I thought a few things:
1) Why? You need to be an example to the kids, that meetings are what you do on Sunday so they'd better get used to it.
2) It doesn't take both parents walking the halls with the kid... if that's how they've chosen to handle their distruptions.
3) What about people with tailbone issues? Why single out children? :D
Anyway, interesting that people need to be reminded to attend meetings. I mean, why do we go in the first place? I realize that much of why I go is social. I enjoy seeing my friends. But as I've grown older I really appreciate getting a bit of spritual nourishment in my "cup."


  1. This is something that I don't really understand.

    I am a convert and I love going to church. I have from day one. I get so much out of going and really enjoy all that I learn in class.

    I can admit that I have been to some dreary Sunday School and Relief Society meetings, but I still go, because I know that I will get out of it what I need - regardless of how good or bad the lesson is.

    Of course, I am a die hard, and I go to ward activities and enrichment as well - regardless of what is being taught.

    Having been both the actitvities chairperson and the enrichment leader, it is important to me that people go to these meetings too.

    Even if you don't personally get anything out of these meetings, the other sisters/members may need to feel your spirit, and learn something that you have to contribute.

    Sorry for the soap box, but these is an issue, near and dear.

  2. Ok - so I am catching up on this post now that you told me about it on the phone. And I will just say that I respectfully disagree with your opinion about kids too young for nursery. I think it's unreasonable and probably inappropriate to expect a 17-month-old baby to sit quietly for 3 hours during church. And I don't think any church leaders expect this of young children either - that's why there's a nursery! But more power to you if your kids were easy in this regard. Mine is very active and crazy independent. :) Loves. Ps - I'm with you on the tailbone issues.

  3. I was waiting for my Sunbeams on Sunday to take them to their Sharing Time when the Primary Secretary came up with a child in tow saying, "Her parents went home and she doesn't feel good. What should I do?" I said, "Courtney, honey, what's your phone number?" I then passed the phone to the secreatary since it was her mess to deal with. I thought this was comical. While I've thought about running home and napping while my kids are safe at church I HAVE NEVER ACTUALLY DONE IT! I'm sure they had a perfectly good reason and there was probably some emergency that I don't know about but I think this probably happens a lot. I wanted sooo bad to be in RS yesterday but was doing Ed's calling (library) as well as my 2 others so I kept getting called out of the room by people needing to get in the library. Ever heard of preperation, people? I'm bitter, can you tell?


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