Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Have You Considered John McCain?

My kids are obsessed with the election. I was just watching MSNBC (hoping to figure out which interest rate they cut) and they were talking about Hilary Clinton and I heard Spencer say "BARACK O-BAMA" (frankly, I think they like his name better, which is fine with me if Clinton wins I will never have my name for myself again). On the phone with my mom, Conner asked my mom if she had considered John McCain. I don't really talk about the election with them. They do know that Mitt Romney (who Spencer can sight on TV) is LDS but I have said that we don't for a person based on their religion, but by who we think will be a better president. Anyway, it's very amusing. It does make me happy that they're interested in the news, I know I wasn't way back then. Except of course, when Dave Magelby was on TV talking about it because A) I loved his bow tie and B) I knew him.

In other news Drew got home at 9:30 last night. They only got in about 5 hours of skiing, and only one wreck for their car. Thankfully, Drew wasn't driving. He had a great time, but he didn't call me at all the entire day, and I spent a fair amount of it stressed about how he was doing (bad worrying -- bad, bad worrying). That is neither here nor there. However, we had a talk on Sunday night about how all people keep score cards. If I had a girlfriend who was always taking from me and never giving, it probably wouldn't be a relationship that I would stay in. A marriage is similar, although you have to have a very forgiving with your scorecard, I think we all have one. Drew has gotten a fair amount as of late and I was sort of complaining about that on the phone (again bad me). Drew thought it was unfair to even have the scorecard. I said it's human nature to try and equalize relationships, at least to some extent. What do you guys think? Do you have a scorecard in your marriage? If your husband has a day with the guys, do you think you deserve a day for yourself?


  1. I'm so impressed that your kids are up on the election and the candidates because I'm so NOT. I know - bad, bad citizen. I'm working on it. As for a scorecard I think you are right that it's human nature. I try and avoid thinking about it but it pops into my head now and then.

  2. We don't keep a scorecard, per se. But we do remember things, and we do talk about it when someone needs some time.

    In our relationship, I get a lot more "girls nights" than Troy gets "guys nights." But, he travels a lot more, and is away from home a lot (and in awesome places). So, in the end I think it evens out.

    It doesn't help that I have a freakishly detailed memory that enables me to point out to Troy mistakes he made 10 or more years ago (bad me).

    We do like to compare who has changed more diapers, or made rice more times, or gotten up more times in the night...but our relationship is just competitive that way.

    Ultimately, I think both partners should be having their needs met in a relationship, but that doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. A boys night out for Drew might mean a girls night out for you (when you need it). A girls night out for me might mean Troy gets to go and get a massage (when he needs it).

    We all have times when we need more than the other, and in the end, if there is balance, it all works out.

  3. We sort of keep a score card: Usually where spending money comes in. If I bought x amount of scrapbook supplies, Joel feels he should get to go golfing. And, it's probably right. Although, if he gets to golfing, I feel I should get to go to NYC with my mom. :)

    And, no, I have not and am trying not to, consider John McCain. I lived in AZ and was one of his constituents there and was not happy with many of his decisions. But, I would deal if it were between him and Hillary. Just so you can have your name. :)


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