Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I am a Scrapbooker

I don't hang out at 2P's any more (much).
I don't by supplies any more (much).
But it's still something I want to do.
I'm venturing into the world of digital. LOVE the digital layouts, but a huge part of me is a paste eater. I love the feeling of the paper, and let's not even talk about how much I have invested into it. So, layouts that have LOTS of photos on them are turning digital, and the ones with just a few will keep being on paper.

I've done a few lately and I wasn't gonna post but what the heck....


  1. Wow- like most things you are an over-achiever. I'm thinking my blog is my scrapbook- and I'm lucky to be doing that. I do however, have every single picture I've taken in 10 years (last year isn't done yet) placed in a photo album organized by date and each album number in order by date. The albums are in our den on the bookshelf. This way the kids can pull them out and look any time they want. I didn't want to die in 40 years and my kids say, "Look at all these photos Mom had down here. Why didn't we ever look at them." This is my substitute for scrapbooking- it's one of my at leasts. You know as in "at least I have all the photos organized."

  2. I'm glad you did share these, Hilary! They're great! I love the journaling on the loose tooth layout, too.


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