Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm in Touch...

So you be in touch.... :D
This year some of my friends have had a goal to stay in touch with old friends. While this wasn't a goal of mine it certainly is working out well for me. Many old friends have found my blog, and actually comment (I can't speak to those who don't comment -- but I think we've been over how I feel about people stalking my blog without EVER commenting). Some old friends found me on Facebook. These are people from HS who I haven't seen in ages, and that's really fun too.
What is it that makes us want to find old friends, and enjoy their company? I had a friend from HS over for dinner last weekend. I hadn't seen him probably since I left BYU, and most likley before that. We have little in common now besides both living in this area, being Mormon and being married. Still, it was a great dinner. He hadn't changed much (thank goodness) and it was nice to sit with someone I have history with.
But, what makes old friends different then new friends?
I'll be considering that, do any of you have ideas?
and perhaps you'd like to comment if you're stalking me. OR, you could look me up on Facebook. If you're my friend you know my name.


  1. Always fun to reconnect! I am really surprised at who has friended me on facebook, because I didn't think they'd remember me much. :)

  2. Old friends are great because they are comfortable. They're nostalgic- they remind you of yourself when you were young (and skinny in my case). It's always great to re-connect with old friends and laugh and cry over memories. New friends, and in this group I count my close women friends that I have known 10 years or less, are great because they let you change- they grow with you. You don't have memories to share but you laugh in the present and wonder about the future- together. These friends don't hold you in a box- they don't expect you to be just like you were- they are friends that let you breathe. Old friends are good in small doses- new friends are neccessary and I'll take them in whatever doses they have time for.

  3. It's funny because my best friend from 8th grade just moved into my ward.

    I was worried that it might be wierd or that we might have changed too much or that we might not even really want to be friends.

    But that hasn't been the case at all.

    I think what makes it good is the history and the shared knowledge we have of each other.

    I know that there will still be a lot of getting reacquainted as you must when you haven't been in someone's life on a regular basis in almost 20 years, but it is comfortable, and it is easy, and it doesn't have to be forced.

    This is what I like about the relationships that we former Provo women had together. It was never hard. We always had a lot in common, and while we might not always agree with each other, we value and love each other enough that it's okay to disagree. We always had a lot to talk about, and I didn't spend all our time together trying to think of the next thing to say - it always just came - good, bad, and ugly. (And I know you remember the ugly.)

    For me, the new friends are different because I am at such a different stage in my life right now. When you have kids (especially when you have a lot of kids) making friends isn't as easy as when you were single and could just go and do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted.

    So it isn't that the new friends aren't as good, it has just been harder.

    So, here's to keeping in touch.

  4. Hilary-

    Yes I have been stalking your blog. I actually didn't realize you had a blog other than for your photography until I received your Christmas letter. It is fun to see how you are doing.



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