Saturday, January 05, 2008

Interesting Read

Interesting read over on the exponent
(note to readers, I don't uphold about 99% of this blog's thoughts, but I enjoyed this one).
I mostly appreciated that she actualyl went to a leader, instead of the caddy way we Mormons (myself included) often go about things. Also, I applauded the last part where she says we shouldn't freak out and email about every little thing. Couldn't agree more on that.
Do you guys have thoughts?


  1. I thought that the article was interesting.

    For me, it is a matter of semantics. I think that this was probably not the first time that she had "openly" disagreed with a church leader - it was just the first time that she went to the source.

    There are many who sow seeds of dissension by voicing their concerns to anyone who will listen.

    There are times when our leaders will make mistakes - I think that this is especially true on a local level. These people are first and foremost, people, and therefore prone to error. There are things that they have to learn from their callings, just as there are things that we have to learn from their having the calling.

    I think that what she was talking about was not so much as disageeing with a leader, as it was disliking a policy. And she did the right thing to say something, because maybe she could express a point of view that they hadn't thought of.

    But in the vein of this being about semantics, I don't think that this was what the brethern had in mind when they said that we shouldn't be critical of our church leaders.

    On a another note, I am interested in these types of discussions, but I have a hard time reading things that the expoenent or FMH, or any of these other blogs, because it just seems like many of these people say things that I don't agree with, I can't help walking away feeling a little more weak in spirit having participated.

    How do you avoid this? Is there a place where you can have these discussions that feel a little more spiritual and a little less cirtical?

  2. Yes, I think it's important to tell our leaders when we aren't totally on board with something. I have done it many times, actually.

    And I agree, this is still supporting and sustaining them. As long as we still continue to support the thing we didn't like, even if the leader doesn't change it because of our input.


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