Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's SCIENCE FAIR time!!!!

So, it's science fair time again, and while I have an inkling of an idea -- has anyone else seen any amazing science fair projects lately? Or, done one themselves?

I am considering doing one on how clogged my sinuses are... MAN it's BAD. I'm wanting to pull my teeth out and cry most of the day.

No such luck though, must journey through my to-do list.

On a brighter note I did finish my first baby blanket last night.
It's adorable.
I'm so proud.


  1. A photo please. We would all like to be proud.

  2. I agree, you need to show us this amazing baby blanket.

    Hope your sinuses calm down soon.

  3. I saw a Dr. Oz on Oprah a few days ago and a woman had sinus problems. She did this water-bath thing where she shot water, or maybe saline, up one nostril and it cleared out the sinuses....she swore by it. maybe check her website???

    Yea, lets see the blanket!


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