Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Little Drew

Alright, enough of the whine-fest blog.
I'm over myself.
Interesting note, every time I teach Relief Society I get sick. Anyone have any ideas? Do people hate my lessons so much they're spewing curses at me under their breath?
Most likely.
Anyway, yesterday was Drew's birthday. He's getting his new trombone so funds for his birthday were limited, but for 6 bucks I made him 2 microwave rice packs (one for his neck and shoulders and then a square one so we don't have to share anymore) and bought him some calrose rice. And yes, there was an apparent theme.
Since the kids weren't getting him actual presents, we had family home evening about what a great dad Drew is. They each shared a few things that they appreciate about him. Hopefully he enjoyed it. I always enjoy hearing what they come-up with on those types of occasions.
Then, Drew came-up with gifts that he'd like from us that don't cost anything. Mine was to stop worrying so much. Drew's such a great compliment to my over-worrying. I appreciate him so much.
And now, to my bottle of zicam.
BTW, Turbo Tax is on sale this week at Costco (with a coupon) -- roughly did mine last night. Made me happy to figure it all out. I always dread we'll end-up paying. And thankfully this year we won't. Feel the joy.


  1. What a great idea! I started today getting stuck in a snowdrift in my sitter's driveway. Her husband came to push us out and Logan said, "Wow- he can push a car! My daddy can't do that!" So a FHE on Ed would be great- he can demonstrate pushing a car for Logan. :)

  2. I think that should be a birthday tradition. An FHE all about the birthday boy/girl. Great idea.

    And, you get sick when you teach RS because you WORRY.

  3. I always love reading about creative ways you teach your family. What a great way to teach your kids appreciation toward their parents etc...Happy Bday Drew!

  4. Happy B-Day Drew (I won't put the name we used to call him by! :)) I don't know why you worry! To me, if have it all together fabulously and I wish I could be more like you!!!

  5. Happy B-Day to Drew. How exciting to get a new trombone. I liked hearing how it's being custom made for him. Way Cool! I can appreciate since we handcraft and custom make skating boots. I just never thought a musical instrument could be custom. I remember getting my new Yamaha flute that cost a lot less-Super Exciting times!

    Your lesson was great! I enjoyed the Sunday School lesson and RS lesson. They went hand in hand. The beginning of the BM and then JS vision. We had the three grandsons last night so after dinner Phil and the boys just snuggled and listen to the story from Sunday's lessons. They were so good and Phil and I hope we might get some more nights like that. Since they don't get church on Sunday I need to take more opportunities to teach them. I like hearing how your simple FHE's can be. Keep the ideas and thought coming.


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