Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Little Mind-Clearing at its finest

Taught my RS lesson -- went over really well. The first Vision is something I struggle with. Not that I don't believe it or any of that, but that I have a hard time sharing it. It's something very special to me, and I couldn't articulate it. This lesson def. helped me realize it's about a boy who had a question and prayed about it, and then his prayer was answered. That's all people need to understand, we can have questions, take them to the Lord and he will answer them. A sweet story all in all. Anyway, lesson went well.

We had a high school friend that has moved here over for dinner. In actuality he's lived here for several years and I feel badly that I haven't had him sooner, but it was a good night and I enjoyed seeing how we've all grown up and finding out a little bit more about our lives.

It's funny to talk to other Utahns who now live in CA. Amusing to see what the other one sees. Nice to talk to someone who's on the same wavelength. Nice indeed.

So, the weekend went well. Feel the joy.

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  1. I taught Sunday too- but I taught the introduction. We played Jeapordy. It was fun- I had to think of a fun way to teach all of that historical data. I'm sure you did great!


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