Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Little Plea

So, I have a LOT of friends set to have babies coming-up and I was deep cleaning (last day, phewsh) the office today and found all the supplies I used to crochet around blankets for Conner. I loved those blankets, they're not super thick but with two sides of flannel they're pretty warm and good to tuck around carseats.
Anyway, I paid a woman to hemstitch around a bunch of them when I was pregnant with C, and I haven't seen anything like that around here.
A) I have heard there's a way to get the holes without having to hem stitch -- anyone know how?
B) Do any of you crafty ladies that live around me have a hemstitch machine I could beg a few minutes from?
Anyway, any help would be great, I'd really appreciate it!
Mostly I appreciate that my house is now all clean and organized. I am reading a blog (I think it's organized Junkie) where she's tackling a room each month on her blog -- she's doing her kitchen this month, and I think it's time I hunt-out some organizing solutions for it... so I'll be doing that in my "spare" time. When I'm not crocheting around blankets, of course. :)


  1. My friend made me a couple blankets like that, and I watched her...she just used her crochet hook to poke a hole as she needed it.

    Seems a fabric store might be able to do it for you for a small fee.

    I, unfortunately, am completely ungifted in the crochet department.

  2. Umm, Hilary, we did this project at our Fantastic Friday. Well it was similar anyway. But an easy way is to use a sharp, large, yarn needle and make a blanket stitch edging then you can crochet to your hearts content. Easier then trying to poke your crochet hook thru. As far as a hemstitch machine, I'll trade you if you show me how you do those fun banners of yours :)

  3. So funny that you mentioned the blankets becuase I did one when I was first prego when I thought there was a possibility of having a boy and did a basic crochet around the edge, I dug it out while I was deep cleaning/packing and decided to give it away as a nice gift. Anyways I got the blankets form a lady in Utah who has her own machine.

  4. So this is something that I have always wanted to learn how to do. I heard that you could do it with a wing needle, but I tried that and I could not get it to work.

    So you inspired me and this is what I found on Crafy Chic:

    Another way to create a hemstiching
    If you don't have access to hemstitching, try serging the item. Then I use a winged needle in my sewing machine and use a zig zag stitch with no thread in the machine. The large tip of the winged needle leaves the perfect hole for my crochet needle.

    -Lenita, MC reader

    Good luck. I am going to try it too.


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