Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Miss America

Liked the new Miss America show.
Didn't like that Miss Utah got re-voted on, and then the judges sent her right back off for the FITNESS portion? She obviously the most fit girl there -- she was ready to take on Iraq on her own.
I think a big portion was that she wore a one piece, and everyone else had bikini suits on.
I do like how the pageant is updating itself though, I appreciated that.


  1. I thought the same thing! How dumb that she got booted after that one thing. I thought that if they really were going for someone new...she would be the ideal one.
    Ah well.

  2. She actually had to take the initative to get the one piece for herself. They only offered the contestants two piece swimsuits. She actaully called the sponsor and asked if she could wear last years model, since this years offerings didn't have a one piece.

    She was all about modesty and refused to set a bad example for all the young girls that looked to her.

    I actually HATED this years competition. I don't mind the updating, but really, FITNESS...I don't think so.

    She said that if they really wanted to call it a fitness competition that they should line up 16 treadmills and the last girl standing would be the winner of that portion...which of course would have been her!

  3. Didn't watch it. But people are up in arms round these parts, as she's an SUU graduate. Very cute she is, too.

    They probably docked her for the one piece. Which STINKS>

  4. Did I miss the pageant? I can't possibly remember all this stuff. Who won?

  5. Jill is awesome! I know her personally. She is my sister in law's cousin. She is a darling girl and the Miss America organization really should have chosen her as the winner. With all of their talk about "changing" the face of pageants...they chose a pageant girl as the winner. Jill is smart, patriotic, friendly, outgoing, beautiful, down to earth...you name it. I'm so glad that she was able to win the America's Choice vote. But what the heck? She should have won the entire competition. Her push ups as she left the stage were the perfect way for her "bow" out gracefully.


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