Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Problems and Deals of the Week

So, first the deals. I am grateful for the Money Saving Mom blog which has made going to Walgreens and Rite Aid a little less scary, since I know there are good deals to be had there. So, today:

1. They have Clear Care free with a rebate. I use clear care a for my contacts anyway, so I thought that was a good deal, and most likely worth the hassle of turning in the rebate (word on the street they'll do Internet rebates soon).
2. Chapstick "lip butter" is 2 dollars and you get a 2 dollar register receipt (which you can't use til' your next shopping trip) but if you frequent Walgreens (as I will now) that's a good deal.
3. Kleenex is 89 cents/box (including the lotion ones, which is what I ended-up buying) -- and if you use the 50 cents/3 coupon that was in your paper on Sunday it makes it $2.17 for the 3 boxes, just about 72 cents/box. Fairly good.
4. Word on the street, Excedrin's on clearance and with a coupon from
http://www.smartsource.com/ you can get a box for under a dollar. They were out at the store I was at.

Chex mix is only 88 cents/bag this week. If you use a coupon from http://www.coupon.com/ you can get the bags for only 38 cents. I stocked-up for our trip to Disneyland, where we'll probably eat a bag a day.

Anyway, this obviously only works if you have a little time to spare, but I did today.... just thought I'd share.

NOW, to the problems.

We have some problems at our house. Nothing big, but since my readership is increasing I thought I'd ask and see if anyone has good solutions.

First off, my oldest is ALWAYS off his chair during dinner. He's eating standing up, he's eating on one foot, he's always up. It drives me insane. Obviously, I could bungee cord him to the chair but I am constantly asking him to sit on his chair. He also eats everything with his fingers (yes he's 7 -- fyi). I have a good idea on how to fix that (thanks Becky!) but I keep forgetting. It does involve giving him baby finger food next time it's an issue. I mentioned that last time and he's doing better.

Anyway, that's the only problem I can think of now. IF you do well, I will spill more of our dreadful secrets. :)


  1. Bria has been doing that lately. Finally, on Sunday night, when she got up for the 253rd time, I told her that she was done with her meal and cleared her plate. But, she's been getting up and walking around and I'm constantly telling her to come back and sit down and eat and do not get up again until you're done.

    But, Conner sounds like he's doing better than Bria...at least he's not leaving the table.

  2. Could you strap him back into a booster? Just kidding! My youngest has graduated from the high chair to the booster, so that's on my mind. We could pretty much just put our eldest in the booster without strapping her in and she would stay. Not so the youngest. She's a different bird altogether.

    Hope you get some good suggestions! I'll definitely be checking back!

  3. Miranda1:20 PM

    E has a tendancy to get up a billion times as well and I told him yesterday that if he gets up that means that dinner is over and he is done. I give him one warning and then it usually sinks in and he stays in his seat. Best of luck to you...

  4. My Joe does this ALL the time. I just remind him to sit down, and he is usually good for a few minutes before he forgets again, and we have to remind him.

    One thing that has worked well for us is bad manners minute. We allow the children to have TERRIBLE table manners for one minute. We tell everyone, stand up and eat, chew with your mouth open, burp, whatever. Then, at the end of the minute, you have to TRY really hard to have good table manners the rest of the meal.

    This ACTUALLY works, although poor mom cannot do this TOO often or it drives me crazy. But when I can stand it, it helps.


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