Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Cheese used to be 4 bucks, now it's 6.
Let's not talk about gas.
Milk -- I mean, I'm lucky my kids don't love it. Truly a blessing in these times.

So, it means more then ever to NOW work your grocery lists, ladies. I know I've posted it before but I've been printing out a lot of internet coupons and I'm more closely monitoring what we buy and how we use it. I'm not sure how much MORE closely I could monitor it, but I'm trying. :)

So, here's some links that you might find helpful: -- not only can you find great deals on things at Target or your local drugstore, you can also register and bring-up the savings for your state -- and it'll show you when to combine a coupon and all that jazz. I don't do so well on combining coupons but I'm working on it. & -- great place to print out coupons -- coupons for the boxtops people, it's a double bonus.
Anyway, we have some summer vacation plans and in order to make them happen I need to tighten the purse strings around here. Does anyone else have any great sites I could make use of?


  1. I'm glad couponmom is helping you. She only has Smith's listed in Utah, and I find I get way better deals at Albertson's usually.

  2. I see you've been visiting Money SAving Mom already. There are always all kinds of links on her site, and she has a great explanation of how to do the CVS ECBs. I have to admit that at our house DH does the CVSing. His brain works that way; mine doesn't. ANyway, Crystal always has tons of great ideas.

  3. Miranda1:59 PM

    My sister loves screaming penny, the website is: I think you can sign up and they send you in an email info on sales. She has actually forwarded information for me that she knows I would be looking for. You will have to check it out...

  4. Everyone around here is starting up with The Grocery Guru and apparently it's Amazing. He came to our Enrichment- I don't know the website but I'll get it for you and post it. You could probably google it. I figure I can pretty much save by buying in bulk at Sams once a month- that's my plan- but I have to feed almost twice as many as you do.


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