Friday, January 04, 2008

Scare Tactics

Well, as I sit here I'm considering building an ark -- the rains are coming down (and hopefully the floods aren't coming up), and I'm really hoping not to get washed away. The kids left an ice cream bucket (thankfully, empty) on our patio and it has about 6 inches of water in it so far.
Sometimes during this time of year I forget that I don't live in Seattle.
However, I feel like I am a fairly prepared person. I have a decent food storage of foods that we use often. I have a small amount of emergency food (that we don't really eat, and it doesn't get rotated into our regular food). I think we have 1 can of wheat (no wheat grinder though -- considering getting one of those, just because I love whole wheat bread so dang much), a couple cans of black beans, some oats, and then a few cans of hot chocolate and fruit punch mix since there is no way I am going to drink our water storage without a little something in it to make it a tad bit more appetizing.
However, our ward seems to be really pushing the whole year's supply of food thing, and not just to live on when our family's have no income (because I think that's really smart -- I know we live off our storage when my income isn't coming in like I'd hoped). They're talking about food you'd need to sustain life. They're talking about having an entire year's supply of food that you won't rotate into your regular food.
I'm just not sure how I feel about it. I have a very strong testimony of regular food storage. I just can't bring myself to buy wheat and dried beans, etc (in a fashion that would provide for us for entire year -- I did just buy a few bags of dried beans today for soups this winter) Honestly, I am fairly sure that we just don't have room, unless it takes over the space in which our minivan currently resides. We could easily live a week or so off that type of storage that I have in our garage. Not sure if I'd want to live too much longer -- considering quality of life n' all. Anyway, what have they said in your wards and do you tend to go towards a food storage that's rotated or a year's supply?
And does anyone have any plans for an ark lying around. Although, I'm fairly sure it's not the rain that's driving me crazy, it's the wind.


  1. So I'm so with you's totally confusing and hard to decide what and how much to store. I felt literally paralyzed for more than 10 months trying to figure out where to start and where to store it etc., etc., etc.!! We've decided to store the entire year supply, and miracle of miracles after 1 1/2 years we've finished it! It provides us a great sense of peace knowing that we've at least done what we've been asked. We don't really rotate that stuff, except for rice and flour and sugar. We don't use dried beans, but I do plan to buy a wheat grinder for that yummy homemade wheat bread!

    We have also begun our 3 month storage of foods that we actually eat. I started with a menu for one month (copied my sisters, you want a copy?). These are meals that can MOSTLY be made from the pantry...canned chicken, turkey and beef...with canned get what I mean. Then we generated the shopping list from the menu and started spending the money we set aside monthly for emergency preparedness to buy it. I try to complete one month at a time instead of buying 3 months worth of cereal, for example. I've been adding to this storage each month and rotating it out as I use it. All in all, I feel we've done what I understand we've been asked to do and now I can hope that the Lord will take care of us whatever the emergency be. Good luck...I know that small spaces really put a kink in even the most well-intended plans!

    Do you still have power? Been following the yucky weather there!

  2. Food storage is great for under beds.

    I always thought you ARE supposed to rotate your year's supply, otherwise it goes bad. That's what Provident Living website says I think...

    We probably have 5 months. Need to really work on it.

  3. Lara's right, you are supposed to rotate, we just don't rotate some of the things we're not used to using yet. We should, just haven't... thought I'd clear that up.


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