Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We didn't abolish slavery

Last night I worked postpartum.
It's a welcome break from L&D -- when it comes about every 6 months (and I don't think I have worked PP for about six months).
Anyway, I love it when the dads ring the call light to ask us to change the baby.
I get it when moms do. I was once a mom with a 4th degree laceration who getting off the bed seemed like climbing mount Everest. I get the moms (although most nurses don't).
I'll go in, I'll stand by the dad while he does it but I'm always amazed at how so many give-up at like 1/2 way through. They can't hold the feet and wipe at the same time, they just look at me like it's SO DARN HARD.
And then the dads come back with the next baby and they're all trained.
I had like 4 of them do this last night so it was just extra amusing.


  1. Sadly, I have seen many a dad who does not know how to change a diaper...or many other things an able bodied man should be able to do.

    So grateful my guy does diapers. And, for those of you who know Troy, you know he even has a system for it!

  2. You are such a mean nurse. :)

    Good for you to teach those dads.

  3. LOL- Troy has done all our kids' diapers at some point..... I think that is so funny. I love that you don't do it for them - that you stand by them while they do it. I would die if Ed didn't do diapers- or would have (only got 1 kid to change now).

  4. : )

    My own DH actually changed our eldest's first diaper. He's a GREAT husband and dad. We both did have a hard time figuring out the clothing on our newborn, though. I kid you not, at our hospital they put a shirt on the baby's bottom half and a shirt on the baby's top half! Try to fit those bow-shaped newborn legs into tight shirtsleeves if you're a novice!


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