Wednesday, February 13, 2008

After much thought

We've decided to go with Allied. They had the best rankings, we did it through an agent and it's all good.
Of course, I just gave them all our info, so that might change things a bit, but I doubt it. It's REALLY nice to have it settled.
AND, my work just called -- picked up a couple of shifts next week.
Feeling the joy.
I wasn't exactly sure what we were all going to do next week as we sat around here staring at each other.... now at least I'll be gone for a few of those hours (and hopefully Drew can get a start on the sprinkler system -- YIPPIEEEEEEE).
Anyway, things are looking bright around here.


  1. Life's going are blessed. :)

  2. Congrats! Ihope it all works out for you! Give Drew my best wished on the sprinkler system! It seems so weird that you are even thinking about that! I'm just hoping to not have too much mud in a month! :D


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