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I had some difficulty feeling the love yesterday. First there was my nasty trip to Safeway, then helping out with C’s class party, not to mention two boys who now are finding the urge to tattle on each other for
Of course, Drew also had trombone choir last night…
I think I just need to love more this month. And yes, it has taken 1/2 the month to get-up a new banner and all that jazz. I was too busy ripping through amazing grocery deals.
Anyway, we made cookies last night together, and that was very fun. Esp. now that we can all read the conversation hearts (which are weird now — btw). I am excited for next week when Drew and Conner have the entire week off. Oh, what to do….
Anyway, here’s my savings deal of the week.
Safeway is having a “savings rally” if you buy 25 items, you get 20$ off your next purchase.
Now, you have to be careful (I was careful yesterday, but they were dumb) — you ONLY want to get the things that have the tag. They are only for the items with the tag, no other items (even as weird as it is in the grocery store). Here are some things I’ve bought this week:
Del Monte Canned Tomaotes ($1) — after the coupon it’s like getting them for 20 cents.
Hormel Chili ($1.66)
Green Giant Vegetables (these are the fancy kinds in the box — we NEVER get them, because they’re so expensive but get THIS deal. So, you buy 3, you use a coupon — you do have to sign-up to print coupons through that site — and they also have a special that if you buy 3 GG veggies you get 2 dollars off your order. They end-up being around $1.30 per box).
Rice a roni ($1)
Cheetos ($2)
Lay’s Chips ($2)
Boboli Crusts (3.99 or something, we were out so it was fine)
Simply Potatoes ($2)
Fiber One Bars or Nature Valley Granola Bars ($3)
Quaker Oatmeal (buy 1 get one free)
Betty Crocker or Krusteaz muffin mixes (2.19 — we LOVE the BC Cinnamon ones)
Umm… I know there are some fruit snacks and cheerios on it too, but I didn’t do either of those since are WELL-STOCKED (but there is a coupon for fruity cheerios on that last coupon site — that makes them about 1.25 — and after your coupon prints it’s like 40 cents for the box)
And as always, you can combine with manufacture coupons for SWEET savings. :)
Happy Valentines peeps.

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{triple large sigh}


  1. says

    i am so with you on the tattling fest.

    I cannot handle it anymore.

    Moooooooooooooom! Chloe hit me!

    Moooooooooooooooom! Bria stuck her tongue out at me.

    She’s not cleaning! She’s picking her nose.

    And the worst?

    MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! She’s tattle taling on me!!!!!!

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