A Girl Needs her Neck

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Man, you don’t know what you’ve got til’ it’s gone — do you? Yesterday while we were reading scriptures before church I totally pulled something or whatnot — neck is very bitter at me now. I’m not so fond of it either. I thought I was going to die backing out of the church parking lot today. It’s no better today and I had 3 drop-offs. Thankfully, Drew called in sick (we are pretty-much a cesspool of illness around here) and he took C this AM.
Anyway, I am going to keep applying heat, and taking ibuprophen. These are good times. :)

On a sidenote, Romney’s gettin closer in CA and I just hate John McCain. For those of you in CA who are registered Republican (you can’t vote in their primary unless you’re registered) I urge you to take a look at these people. I have always liked John McCain, I thought his ability to reach across party lines was admirable. However, lately I just see him as someone who is dishonest and lacks integrity. Anyway, I’ll be taking Spencer along with me tomorrow. He is just SURE that he’s able to vote for “Rocko Bama” — it will be a sad time indeed to break his bubble.

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    If I were you I teach your neck a thing or two and take it to the chiropractor….that’ll teach it to act up!

    No really, I hope it feels better soon. I obviously had to recommend the doc!

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