I am Lamen, I am Nephi

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Today I was reading my scripture assignment for Sunday school this coming Sunday (we might be a Sunday behind some of you because we recently had Stake Conference).
It’s the chapter where Nephi is commanded to build the boat and Lamen and Lemuel murmmer. I could so see myself in both positions. Nephi, who feels himself to be so blessed and wants all the complaining STOPPED. Lamen and Lemuel who feel like they’ve done enough, that leaving Jerusalem was too hard. I know that some people call days a “Jonah Day” (it might be only Anne of Green Gables that does that, but sometimes I’ve thought to myself that I’m having a Jonah day) but perhaps I’ll call myself a Lamen day, etc. I remember the wise counsel of a woman who I admired who said that we always envision ourselves as Nephi — trying to conquer the wicked, wicked world — but too often we’re the other side of that coin… and it’s realizing that and conquering it that will bring us closer to our savior.
NOW, back to the Today show. Did anyone watch it today? They had John McCain, Hilary and Obama on. They’ve basically written Romney off — and didn’t even have him on the program. I thought that was VERY unfair.
Oh, and did they mention the new leadership of the LDS church?
No, they did not. I remember waiting for DAYS for the freakin’ white smoke to come-up so they could announce the new Pope… and we get nada.
To quote my VERY boring statistics professor “I am seeing a trend here.”

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  1. says

    It’s funny, I have actually identified a lot with Laman and Lemuel lately.

    As I work on doing what’s right, with the right attitude, I can see why it was so hard for them…but I can also see where they wound up, so good reason to keep on, keeping on.

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