Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Little Miss Skinny Face

Love my new avatar, esp now that I don't look all fat. FYI. :)
Ok, I am feeling so overstretched lately. Not sure what it all is. I'm glad to have a day where I have basically nothing else planned besides fixing the soil at our house (bought some blood meal at Lowe's this morning -- EWWWWW). Well, that and cleaning and organizing and dealing with children.
Yesterday we got about 20 giant envelopes in the mail. It seems like all our insurance/IRA/disability people all came through on the same day. I felt like a secretary going through the mail sorting through things, all that jazz.
My dad and I were talking about all the different hats I wear. I'm our gardener, our secretary, our nurse (work and home), chauffer, teacher, landlady -- all that jazz. I can't imagine being as good as a mom as I could be if I didn't have work experience and college before my current job status.
Competant moms raise competant kids, am I right here?
Really, I promise the blog will be more exciting tomorrow. Perhaps I'll share more about blood meal.

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  1. All those hats we wear....the trouble is balancing them for me. But you're right...I am so thankful for all my pre-marriage experiences. Like that I graduated from college and served a mission and worked and figured out who I was before I was a mom. Good stuff.


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