Me, and my problems….

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K, 2 problems that I’m wanting input on.
First problem: I got a SWEET deal on a couple of coats from sears. I couldn’t remember what size the coat Conner had — so I bought 2. One will be great for him next year, and the other one fits him perfectly right now, but will probably be too small next year. It’s just slightly larger then the coat he has now (which is embarassingly small).
So, here’s the deal, do I return the 90 dollar coat (which I got for 30) or do I keep it. My mind knows what I should do, but my heart is saying NO, NO, NO!!!!! this coat rocks — it even has a liner. I WANT A COAT THIS NICE. :)
Problem number 2: We have water coming out of our dishwasher. It is literally coming out of the door. Well, it drips from the top drawer, bounces off that little lower panel before landing on the floor. I’ve checked the seal, I’ve cleaned-out the filters, but it still does it. It’s not a hose that’s lose, because it’s not leaing from behind — it’s def. from the front — and sometimes it’s worse then others. Anyway, has anyone else had this problem?
And I did get a sweet deal at the grocery store. I already wrote it up for one of the websites I visit. Feel free to visit it here

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After much thought


  1. says

    I am never one to be especially frugal, but does he need a new coat now? Or will the one he currently has do the job? If the answer is it will…well…return, return, return.

  2. says

    Keep both coats. You’ve got two boys. The one that fits him perfectly now will still be in great shape for S. The larger one is a great deal and you’ll be glad you have it when you realize next year that he needs a coat and they cost $90 or more.

    Sorry, no advice about the dishwasher. That stinks!

  3. says

    okay, I just saw the bradfords in the pool last week…do you really need a coat in California? I know it gets rainy and it gets cold in the evenings but a heavy duty sweatshirt will do just fine. Take it back, you’ll be happy you did. I picked up a great sweatshirt at Children’s Place Outlet with a 15% off coupon for $5. I love that place!

  4. says

    $30 is still too much for a kids coat.

    Also- I have a dumb question- sometimes you refer to your kids with their first initial but sometimes you actually print their name- why the difference.

    I’m trying to figure out if there is something I should be doing when I blog – an internet safety rule that I’m missing…

  5. Anonymous says

    Go back to Sears and request a price adjustment…coats and winter apparel have been marked down…keep the coat.

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