Meebo, Mego Safeway

FYI, the Safeway deal is still going on. FYI, the ad says that Safeway canned pineapple is on the deal, but it’s not… however, I spoke to the manager and he gave me the Catalina — that makes the pineapple 20 cents/can. SA-weet. Email me with questions.
Also, I’m trying a little Meebo widget on my blog — you guys can chat with me there (it’s on my sidebar). I really have no clue how it works, but I do like having all my IM’s in the same program. It’s a nice little program (although it’s all web-based, so you have to leave that page open to have it running — not sure how I’ll like that).
Anyway, there you go. :) Someone IM me on it though, I want to see how it works. :)

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