My Poor, Poor Husband…

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Poor Drew, can you imagine what it’s like to LIVE with me? To have to listen to my every rant, rave, request, desire and whine?
Well, neither can I.
I went to Lowes to get said fancy Blood Meal, and came away with 2 new sprinkler heads for the front yard. In my head I was thinking “awh, we won’t put these in til’ Saturday” — but come 4:30 this afternoon and I’m waiting at the gate for him to get home so we can install.
I blame this tendancy on my mother, but that doesn’t make it any easier on Drew (although, my father does feel his pain).
Now, he’s at home depot getting a sprinkler riser and I’m hoping he beats the sun since we already have the sprinkler head off and the dirt up.
He’s a good man my friends, a very good man….

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