Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Poor, Poor Husband...

Poor Drew, can you imagine what it's like to LIVE with me? To have to listen to my every rant, rave, request, desire and whine?
Well, neither can I.
I went to Lowes to get said fancy Blood Meal, and came away with 2 new sprinkler heads for the front yard. In my head I was thinking "awh, we won't put these in til' Saturday" -- but come 4:30 this afternoon and I'm waiting at the gate for him to get home so we can install.
I blame this tendancy on my mother, but that doesn't make it any easier on Drew (although, my father does feel his pain).
Now, he's at home depot getting a sprinkler riser and I'm hoping he beats the sun since we already have the sprinkler head off and the dirt up.
He's a good man my friends, a very good man....


  1. Poor Drew. Good man. But you're not so bad... most of the time. :)

  2. You are a mean wife. :)

    Love the Honey do's...Joel is very stubborn about them though. You are extremely lucky.

  3. Good men are hard to find.

  4. Ya- they are.... (what Denise said).

    If Ed died, I might change teams.



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