Thursday, February 07, 2008

Romney and a Clarification

First off, I thought Mitt's speech was great. In order for McCain to win, he did have to drop-out. End of story. I doubt this is the last I've seen of him. Anyone guess he's up for apostle? Kidding.
Secondly, I wanted to clarify a few things
1. I am still working, I just would like to budget like I wasn't, and have my money be savings and "emergency" money. It will in all actuality hopefully be vacation money, and stuff like that, but I'd just like to be extras -- things we can live without (not clothes, food -- stuff like that).
2. We've had a budget, and it actually works very well, it's just been increasing (and I've been increasing it because we've been making more money -- but it's just kept me working -- see #1). If anyone wants to hear the greasy details of my amazing budgeting skills that allowed us to buy a house here in beautiful silicon valley -- lemme know. ;)
3. Loving all the tips -- and if you guys were wanting to know more I suggest you read through the tips, I thought they were great!


  1. Yea, I knew you were an awesome budgeter (surely that is not a word!)! I think it sometimes just takes a wake-up call for me to say, "Hey, just because we have more money doesn't mean I need to spend more." We've made a goal to put ALL extra money (savings from switching insurance plans or 'extra' after one of the cars was paid off) into either our last car payment, mortgage or student loan. That way we still pretty much live on what we've been living on and are getting closer to out of debt.

    Trust me, I'm awed that ya'll were able to buy a great home there... no small feat, indeedy!

  2. I would love love love to hear how you budget.


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