The Sun will come out…

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When you think there’s a day, that’s grey, and lonely — I just stick out my chin, and grin, and SAY (bum, bum-ba-bum-dedum), then sun will come out, tomrorow, bet your bottom dollar (and frankly, we’re close) that tomorrow — there’ll be sun. Well, frankly — there isn’t any ACTUAL sun today — but our contractor is still coming to put our SPRINKLER SYSTEM valves in. Well, let me recap since the blog has been pitifully avoided as of late.
First off, we had the entire sprinkler system in by Monday evening. We had a good friend that went shopping with Drew (his wife and I go to Black Friday, and he and Drew went to home depot — its so cute) and helped him burrow the sprinkler pipe under our sidewalk (our hardest job). Then, the missionaries came and helped Drew for about an hour and a half in the morning while I was at work. Then, Drew and I dug all the rest of it that afternoon. I’m not gonna say it was fun, or pretty — but it was tolerable. Now, we just need it attached to the water supply so we can make sure we didn’t muff it up. :)
Let’s see — then Tuesday was the computer crash. Most of it being my fault. We had to do a system restore and we lost pretty much everything. I did buy some fancy software that allowed us to recover most of it and put it on DVD’s. Thankfully, the pictures had been backed-up (and the few that weren’t I’d actually posted here on Blogger), and Quicken was able to be restored — those being the two things I was most worried about. So, phewsh. We do have the problem with the widescreen monitor though. It was OK before — a little bad, but not THIS bad — where everyone looks really fat in their photos. I’m starting to get a complex – come ON avid blog readers, SOMEONE must know what on earth to do with it?
Anyway, that’s about it. Things are looking brighter now and it’s moderately nice to have a computer with very little on it, except for the excruciating reminder that I did all this to us. Oh, and that the 10 hours or so I’d put into our 2007 family video are now all lost — but I digress…..
However, as it was all happened I looked at Drew and was freaking out because I’d “ruined our whole lives” — and then I realized what I’d said. I mean, the computer ISN’T my whole life, but somehow I’m making it so. So, I’ve vowed to spend less time on it. To make it less important to me, and also to back-up my files. I need to find a good deal on a large external hardrive — if anyone sees one, lemme know. :)
OH, AND — I lost all my emails, my email addresses and my feeds… which is probably a good thing in hindsight — but if you guys could just send me a quick email with your blog addresses and how much you love me… that’d be PERFECTO. Smooches.

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  1. says

    So what exactly did you do to crash your computer?

    I suppose it’s a blessing in disguise. Kind of like the week that our internet went down and I accomplished so dang much. :)

  2. says

    RE: Widescreen problems.

    Have you updated your video card driver? And have you selected the proper resolution? Call me if you have trouble doing any of this–I’m pretty sure I can fix it for you.

    And my blog address:

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