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Elections: I’ve finally decided who to vote for. Frankly, it has nothing to do with their policies. I think John McCain is snarky and mean. We actually re-registered so we could vote in the republican primary (we are basically independents, and if the race is between McCain and Obama I don’t know which one I’d vote for). So, I’m voting for Romney. I’m hoping my vote can make a tiny difference here, unlike in Utah. I need to get out my voter info packet this weekend though. We have a lot of initiatives we’re voting on Tuesday. Good luck to me.

Big Lots — if you google Big Lots coupon you’ll find a printable coupon for 20% off. I found a lot of stuff on clearance and S’s birthday is just about outfitted for a nominal amount. Do you have a 4 year old boy? What does he love? He’s getting much more into coloring and that type of thing, so that’s what he’s getting from Big Lots (and yes, he was sitting the cart when I put the things in it — but thankfully he is none the wiser). I’d like to get him a toy though as well, and I’m kind of at a loss since we have almost every boy toy ever made. :)

Sprinklers — I told Drew that he was getting his trombone and I NEED an automatic sprinkler system. It’s not a question of want at this point. If we go anywhere we have to beg people to water — it’s just not cool. I’m bartering a photo shoot with good friends for the husband’s assistance in the sprinkler system. I am seriously giddy over the thought of it. I probably spend a good 2 hours a week working on watering our yard. It’s insane (no comments from the peanut gallery, thanks so much).

Anyway, those are the thoughts that are on my mind. What’s on your mind?

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    Ann Coulter said last night that she’d vote for Hillary before she voted for McCain. And that was seriously amazing.

    The end.

    Nothin’ else on my mind. 😉

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    What’s up with Big Lots having deposit a quarter to use a shopping cart-but you get the quarter back when you return the cart. Really bugged me! But they say that homeless people take them.

    The media really ripped on Romney and McCain the other night. How they were going at it with each other. Clinton and Obama played off that last night and were much calmer/actually nice to each other.

    Every vote will count for Romney.

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