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Ok, so I’m almost ready to make my mind up about insurance, but I really want your input. We haven’t changed in a LONG time… so it’s all a little new to me. :) I have a little survey up top (hoping the lurkers will answer that if they’re too scared to comment) — but I’d LOVE some more specific comments on these questions….
1. Do you think it’s bad to have your car insurance and your home insurance through 2 different companies? I’m leaning toward the Geico/Traveler’s combo — because it’s cheaper… is there any reason to have it together if you’re not getting a discount.
2. Do you have Geico or Travlers? Do you have thoughts about your insurance (thanks Erin, glad to get your email this AM)? Is there a question I’m not asking about how their customer service is?
3. Is there a reason to stick with the same insurance if their cost is considerably higher then the other guys?

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    I think there’s no reason to have them together except it’s easier to remember one company instead of two. And that’s not really a good reason. :)

    I think the only reason to stay with a company that is more expensive is if they offer more…better coverage, service, etc.

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    Other than a discount, I don’t think there is any reason to keep them at the same company.

    The only thing I would make sure of is that you check, item by item what is covered under each policy, because companies do not all offer the same standard coverage. Sometimes one company seems a lot less because they actually offer lower coverage on the things that matter.

    As far as staying with one big company vs. someone else, we LOVE our insurance agent. I can call her when I have a question, she knows me, and when I call her, it is not the same as calling the insurance company, because there is no record, unless I ask her to help me with a claim.

    So I can call her and tell her that I have had an accident and should I report it, and what happens if I don’t, etc. This is a valuable relationship for me that I wouldn’t want to give up just for slightly lower prices.

    If it were a HUGE price savings, that is something else, but out here when we priced around, it wasn’t.

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