Wednesday, March 12, 2008

8th percentile

Yesterday was Spencer's 4 year old check-up. I went into this day with a large amount of trepidation, but thankfully my mom's here and Spencer has seen her give herself a shot a few times, and I think that helped.
ANYWAY, he went to the doctor OK, but once it was time to look in his ears, etc. he freaked out. Who knew he was so protective of his holes. :) All looked-out fine but he only weighs 30 pounds -- putting him in the 8th percentile for weight. He's right around the 50th for height and THANKFULLY we've hit 40 inches so we'll be able to go on most of the rides at Disneyland!!!That's right, in one year he's gained just over a pound. I really thought he'd be around 32, but no such luck. Oh well, at least he can officially sit in a booster seat. :)
Then it was time for shots. Kaiser as this ludicrous system where you walk over tot he immunization clinic. And put your paper in. We hauled ourselves over there very quickly because I knew from experience what kind of a back-up there would be. Y0u see, they schedule all their well-checks at either noon or first thing in the morning... and of course many of those kids need shots. And they all sit there and wait as ONE nurse tries to get through the 20 kids. There may have been 2 nurses, but it's insane. Luckily, with my forethought we were #2 in line (we still waited 20 minutes). But we read the free book that Kaiser gave us (a Courderoy one, we love Courderoy -- that was def. the highlight of Spencer's visit to Dr. Copeland) and then we went to the bathroom and checked out the pharmacy. Finally we were called and Spencer, even with a few tears, did a GREAT job. With the obligatory big bag of M&M's afterwards he was sufficiently happy. We made sure to move our arms a lot and he even got his beloved tylenol to help his arms feel better.
So, we're over that hurdle and I am very happy about it. A tiny TB test next year, but other then that the little guy's ready for Kindergarten. Go him. :)
ETA: Just registered a complaint with Kaiser. You know me, little miss Shrinking Violet. :)


  1. Wow.

    S was 27 pounds and 33 inches at her 18 month. I guess I have monster babies.

  2. 30 pounds???!!! E is 31 pounds without his diaper so just imagine him fully clothed! Geez! He eats like a bear though...2 bowls of oatmeal every morning, a whole sandwich for lunch with fruit and yogurt, and then dinner. He has lost all his baby fat though so he's just rock hard toddler and he's really strong which is hard when you're trying to carry him to time out. He definitely holds his own in nursery...hahah.

  3. I hate all those percentage things. With my first child it kind of freaked me out. Where is she on the charts? Is she okay? Did she go down on the charts? Maybe it was just my first pediatrician, but I felt like she made me paranoid about the charts. I have been much more nonchalant about 2 and 3.

  4. Ash is 4 in May...he's up to date so many shots is he in for? He's tiny, too...30 lbs. on our scale...we'll see!

  5. I guess since Aidan just turned 2 I better get him in for his.

    The more kids you have, the less you remember those kinds of things....

    Glad you got through it okay. I think I'll make Ed take Aidan. :)


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