Monday, March 24, 2008


I bought a hot air popcorn popper a couple of weeks ago. I am in love with it. Up until now we've had a microwave one. The kernals got all over the microwave, it took a long time to make (our family eats a LOT of popcorn on Sunday evenings). Anyway, got a hot air one while my mom was here. Delighted by it.
Last night, it fell while I was trying to wrap the cord around it to put it away. It cracked.
WAHHHHHHH!!!! I was SO disappointed!
Good news?
I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond... and guess who has an AMAZING return policy.
I didn't have the box.
I had broken it, it hadn't just died.
And yet -- they took it back.
I did, however, have my receipt.
And now I'll be keeping ALL my receipts from Bed Bath and Beyond. I'll also be buying more things there.
Yes, it is more expensive, but once you use a 20% off coupon, it's about the same.
And I think we're all aware that peace of mind, is priceless. :)

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  1. Don't you feel a smidge guilty returning something you broke?


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