Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Drip and a Drop

I've been in charge of finishing up the drip system. OMG, I think it's worse then digging the trenches. I can't even feel my fingertips. I thought I had most of it done yesterday, and then we planted today (seedlings are waiting to sprout before they go in) but then today I wanted to make some variations, and well -- I'm sure you can guess who my OCD came into play. Just wanting everything perfect. We have a combination of drippers (1/2 gph and 1), soaker hose and some sprayers (mostly just in pots). Really, it's all just great now that it's in -- but while I was adjusting..........
However, I am slowly learning that gardening's not a perfect science, and I need to get over myself. :)
Anyway, the drip system is DEVINE, I'd take a picture except I think it'd hurt my fingertip too much (yes, it is just that bad -- even typing this is moderately painful). Everyone please come and admire. :)
Can't wait to just bring in the buckets of produce that I'll be growing.


  1. Wish I was your neighbor this spring and summer. :)_

  2. Lucky you. We haven't been able to spend much time outside at all. Brrrr!


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