Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm Still Alive

No, I didn't commit suicide by plugging my toaster back in and trying to use it.

That particular toaster is now set for the garbage (do you think I can recycle it?).

ANYWAY, Costco had a lovely model with a 10 dollar manufacture's discount on it, so I snatched it up. It's a little wider (it's a 4 slot) but I think it'll be better then what we had, and more safe (and yes, I can return it if I ever hate it).

We actually had a great day yesterday. I planned a little train trip for my friends and our kids. We rode the train (cal train is double-decker here) and had lunch. HUGE fun, huge. We all had a great time. I thought I'd even post a picture here for those of you who don't think I have friends in CA. Shocking, but I do know a few people off of the internet. Surprising, I know. :)

Went out to dinner tonight to Ihop (kids eat free on Friday nights) -- Conner's choice for a good report card last week. I am afraid I didn't each QUITE as consciously as I would've liked. I mean, I ate less then half -- but I was still VERY full. Good news, I lost about 6 pounds in 10 days. And while I in no-way expect that to continue, I was feelin' very, very fine.

Ok, one last thing. I did a photo shoot -- you can see it on my photography blog (gonna post pictures there as soon as I'm done with THIS entry). I think many of you think that I take good pictures because of my camera (I have more control over my photos because of my camera, that is true) -- but if you looked at these photos straight out of the camera, you can't even see the kid.... so thanks to lightroom I was able to salvadge them -- I thought I'd share one of the before and afters here. Can you guess which is which?

P.S. Shooting at noon-day sun isn't my favorite. But I have quickly learned you can fix bad lighting (sort of) but you can't fix an onry child (at least, not without the fruit loops showing up in the picture).


  1. The picture is great...awesome that you could save it so well.

    I am glad that you won't be electrocuted by a toaster.

  2. 6 lbs. in 10 days is amazing! My sister said she's watching that show, too. SOunds like the ideas make sense and that it's WORKING!! COngrats!

    I wish I had a friend who organized train trips in my town....{sigh}

    Really amazing recover of the photo. Another talent of yours I envy...great job!


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