Friday, March 21, 2008

Me, 0.2 pounds heavier. :)

Not that I'm disappointed. In my head, I figure any day that I don't gain much is a day to be happy about.
I even went out to lunch yesterday, and I really tried to eat consciously. I think I suceeded, all in all.
Easter is SO DANG EARLY THIS YEAR? Can't they fix that?
Just got back from Walgreens, doing a little shopping (thanks to my 10 dollar gift card). I'm thinking the Easter bunny is in the mood for a treasure egg hunt this year. I want to mix it up a bit. We'll probably still do the traditional hunt (sadly, on Sunday, becuase SOMEONE like a FOOL scheduled herself to work tomorrow)... but I'll make it work.
Of course, my mom bought the boys ADORABLE easter outfits (matchy-matchy, which is fairly rare around here), and I can't WAIT to take pictures of them on Sunday AM.
In other news, Drew's concert (one of two, the other's tonight) was last nght. He SANG in it, and GUESS who he dedicated it to. Moi.
Just one of the VERY FINE benefits to having a music teacher for a husband.
One of the lesser benefits of being me is NOT liking people looking at me or getting attention like that. But I'm working throught that kind of madness. Along with all my other issues.... like not knowing when I'm full
{big sigh}.

1 comment:

  1. 0.2 doesn't even count as a weight gain.

    Can't wait to see the matchy matchiness of the boys, it will make me feel better in my matchy matchiness.

    And all that jazz...


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