Thursday, March 20, 2008

Me being thin, day 3

This morning was Conner's "Mornings with Moms" day at school. We go to school early, and all have breakfast together. I was a little nervous about how this would go with my new program, apparently with good reason. It's so noisy, I'm dealing with 2 kids by myself and trying to meet other moms, not to mention enjoying their full-fat cream cheese (yum).
BTW, I love this program. I met a lot of Conner's friends moms, which is nice. I don't always put myself out there when I'm dropping off and picking up, but I tried to this AM. Always nice to know the friends moms. Our school has a local company donate the bagels and fruit (and we give them LOTS of thanks in the PTA newsletter). Anyway, it's a great idea to try in your own schools.
Anyway, I ended-up just taking a very small portion. I ate 1/4 of a bagel with a bit of cream cheese, and a little tangerine. I tried to keep checking to see if I was full but I noticed I couldn't stay on top of myself like I normally would.
Yeterday I had cheese crisp for lunch (a complete FAVORITE of mine -- and SO not great for you, but I figured I needed to try the whole program, and that WAS what I wanted to eat). I ended-up only eating about 3/4 of a small tortilla of it, and i decided i was done. I needed a little snack (popcorn) later on but I felt like I did pretty good about deciding when to be done, etc.
Anyway, this seems to be SO much about listening to your body. Am I actually hungry, or am I bored? Maybe let's try a drink of water.... Frankly, I don't really listen to my body. I think before now I've been eating either to:

  1. Eat til' my plate was clean
  2. Eat til' I was tired of it
Neither of which are what my body really needs.
I still haven't had a light come on and say to myself "I'm full." But, I'm working on it. :) I did lose 0.8 pounds yesterday. Again, I still think it's from going back to regular eating. I'm actually not down to where I was before my mom came. I am obviously an awful eater-outer (and I'm going out to lunch today, so we'll see).


  1. Good for you. The boredom thing. That's totally me. I need to think about I eating because I'm bored? And if I am, I need to go DO something.

  2. Good Job! Keep up the good work!

  3. I am not an emotional eater, but I totally eat when I'm bored. Admitting your weakness is the first step. You seem so motivated - keep it up!


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