Saturday, March 29, 2008

Now, Isn't that Handi?

I heard about this great website: -- and my kids are already scheming with ways to be good so that they can get more points.
Premise is basically the same as with those pets things... oh, what are they called? Webkinz, that's it. Anyway, you input a chore/behavior chart for them. Then, each day they can fill-in the things they've done and get "points" to either use to "buy" things (I am fairly sure you don't actually "get" anything) or buy new clothes for their character, watch movies, play games. Kinda like you do with Webkinz (as far as I've heard).
Anyway, the kids absolutely adore it. This morning, Spencer made his guy into a fireman and watched a movie. Conner made his guy into an astronaunt and walked around his little city.
They also get these little stamp books where they can learn a little something too.
Anyway, it's been huge already and it might be a HUGE help this summer, when they have more time (to work on their little cat, and also to get in trouble).
Just thought I'd share. :)


  1. THANK YOU for sharing! I will have to look at it. ASAP.

  2. That site looks great!


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