Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Percent Reminder

This morning I called our home equity line bank and I had them lower the percentage rate. I hadn't done it before now (and I am now kicking myself) because we're going to refinance soon so I figured we'd have to pay something, or whatnot.
Turns out -- that call saved us over 100 dollars/month. True, if they raise the interest rates (and they most likely will not) we can lock back in. The guy on the phone said I had 7 more times (we've done it twice so you must have 10 total times to fiddle with the interest rate) of changing the rate before they'd charge me.
I know most of my readers don't have home equity lines (at least not yet) but if you have credit cards, and their rates haven't changed -- call them, see what they can do.
Worst case scenario, they say no -- or you find-out the fees, etc. aren't worth it.


  1. Hmmm...good idea. I called my one credit card and got it lowered 3% about 6 months ago. I wonder fi they'd lower it any more than that?

  2. I just lowered all my interest rates on my CC at no charge. Saves me a ton, do not know why I did not do it before, it was really easy I just had to ask and they did it right away.

  3. Hey - I know a good mortgage/lender finance person if you need a referral. Let me know!


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