Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Scrapbook that

You know, the beauty of being so far behind on your scrapbooking is kind of seeing the whole picture. These particular ones are from August. I don't think that I would've felt the same way about that trip if I'd scrapbooked them right after the trip, as I do when I do them now. I'm not sure if that's good or not, but it's how it is. Drew and I were just able to see so clearly on our overnight adventure to Montara. Usually when we go on date night we're very caught-up in what's going on at home, and how we can fix it, that we don't get around to the bigger picture before our sitter time is up. Anyway, that's what the pictures meant to me today.
And yes, I'm scrapbooking. I'm vowing to do it more often and to get caught-up. It's an important hobby to me, and even though I have no desire to be published anymore or really to even go to 2P's (although I did go see a bit of eye candy there today) I do enjoy it.


  1. It's really true. Love that scrapbooking helps me gain perspective, and even just remember things I would otherwise forget.

  2. This is so true. I'm very far behind and I find that the things I remembered at the time I took the photos and things that I remember several months later are totally different. Mostly because at the time that the photos were taken, it was from my perspective and months later I've heard everyone else's point of view (and the kids' thoughts about the photos over and over and over again). :)

  3. Hilary,

    Love the layout! I agree totally about the perspective you gain by not being "caught up." I think especially the things I write about my children are different depending on when I scrapbook them. Here's to NEVER being caught up! : ) ('Though I know you feel differently about it. . . )


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