Monday, March 10, 2008

To Much to Do

Did I ever mention that Drew got me a palm pilot for Christmas. After hours of merciless taunting since a charge from "Fry's" showed-up on our Christmas credit card bill (and I SAID nothing from Fry's please -- I want a girl's gift), I was wondering what it could be (and if it was a video game I knew I'd demand a divorce).
But, it wasn't -- it was the Palm Z22.
And ladies, I love it. I've put in ALL my to-do lists into it. It has our calenders in it (and since Drew also has a palm we sync once a week so we've both got each other's stuff in it). There are some chores that I've been wanting to do either monthly or every other week but I hadn't quite gotten a system down to make that work -- but with this I can schedule them to come-up on my "To do" list that way, an it's been a HUGE help.
Drew is very pleased with himself and the fact that I eat crow every time I caress my little Z22 lovingly.
Oh well -- even this makes Crow taste OK.


  1. Hmmm....Joel and I got each other new day planners. The paper kind, you know? I don't know if I could give that up.

  2. I want a new cell phone- the kind that is the Palm, the Phone, the Internet, you know like a Mobile Command Center for Amy.


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