Thursday, March 06, 2008

You are Reading a Working Woman

I worked today. I worked day shift today.
I'm just not meant to work during the week. Sad news, I'm gonna have to for the foreseeable future. Actually, working day shift will be desire able once Spencer gets into school, but until then.... Well, let's just say I'm TIRED.
I do the entire shift (and let's not pretend that nursing is light work --I'm on my feet the whole shift), I come home -- I clean, I make dinner, I get kids in bed. Drew stayed home sick today, so of course that all fell on me.
I'm just ornery and tired.
Good thing my mom's coming.
However, I do feel good being amongst my peers. It's nice to play adult.
A friend of mine had someone say "I feel so sorry for moms that work outside the home, I couldn't stand the guilt" -- my friend works twice a month.... I think those kinds of comments are about as bad as they come, but it is a tough job. And one that many women pull-off with a great deal of finese...
I'm thankful I don't have to do it.


  1. Everyone has to find the right balance. You and I do it by working outside of the home for a few hours a week, and we are both lucky we have careers that make that worthwhile.

    And I suppose some would feel guilty about it, and others feel like they can be better mothers because they work outside the home. Again, a delicate balance and totally different for everyone.

  2. I agree with Laura, everyone does what works for them. Though I do feel sorry for moms who HAVE to work full time and miss out on a lot of the little things that go on during their child's day. I'm just happy I am able to stay home. (But I woudl love to work a few hours a week, I think that's pretty ideal.)


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