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Again, going off of Elder Ballard’s talk to Young Mother’s I’d like to give my last tip. I’m fairly sure I’m gonna have to take a blogging break after this week. My fingers are tired. :)
Anyway, the tip for today is go to church, build a relationship with God.
Now, in a perfect world you’d all belong to my church, but I know many of you don’t and I know that you also find peace in your own church, which is great.

I don’t believe that I could live in this day and age with children and not have the faith that I have right now. It’s just too hard. Too hard to see 12 year olds having babies, too hard to see the track marks on her arms, too hard to hear some of the language around us, too hard knowing what lurks on the internet or TV. However, with my faith I know that God has a special plan for me and my kids and I also know that I can make our own home a sanctuary that my family can enjoy when they leave all that craziness behind (BTW, does anyone know of a good internet filter, I am in the market for one — and my last one was CRAZY, it was cybersitter — and I don’t recommend).

God knows me, he knows my children, he’s given them to me to raise and he wants to help me. That message, I know loud and clear, and I feel so blessed that he was willing to give them to me.

So even when the books, the friends, ourselves, our family is failing us we know that He is there, he loves us and he wants to help. I know that those few minutes we might spend on our knees begging for his help to make it through, to not scream at them, to know how to deal with their issues will be well rewarded. With His help we can do all things.

{warm fuzzies to all the moms out there — we’re all in this together ladies}

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    I use Safeeyes. I highly recommend it, and I think that not filtering your computer is pretty much the equivalent of keeping all the porno channels you can get on satellite. Having unfiltered internet in a home with teenage boys–or boys anywhere near to becoming teenagers–or boys, period–is asking for trouble.

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