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I don’t know if I’ve shared this before, but our family has a “hard doctrine” award — for the person we felt gave the most new, “harsh” (at least in your own mind) or someone who really draws the line for us. In times of old it would’ve been given Preisdent Benson for declaring women shoudln’t work outside the home, stuff like that.
Most likely, last conference people felt it should go to Julie Beck for her talk… (although, not for me — the hard doctrine award is a fairly personal little gem).
ANYWAY… I’d love to hear your thoughts as we go through these 2 days. Drew’s gone all day today so I’ll be navigating the doctrine on my own but I’d still love to hear thoughts.
P.S. Our church has a semi-annual general meeting of the entire church (via sattelite, of course — I’m not writing this from UT). We’re able to watch it on BYU-tv. There’s a great news article on the church’s website that helps describe it a tad better.

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    About half way through today’s morning sesssion, I leaned over to Ed and said, “Where is the doctrine?” Each speaker, I felt, was just talking about their experiences with Pres. Monson and their callings. I was craving some more inspiration…. yesterday morning’s session was so spiritual.

    So I’m looking forward to the next session…. I want that uplifting feeling!

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