Aphids still here. {sigh}

I’d done 1 soap/oil treatment, and one soap only treatment.

No avail. It’s been a week.

So, I went to Lowe’s and got the big guns — organic rose spray.

Ok, so it’s a “medium sized gun” — but I really hope to go get some lady bugs after our aphid numbers are down to “just a few” and I know that if I do the REALLY big guns, it’d kill off the ladybugs too.

So, I sprayed — a LOT, like a fair amount of the bottle. We shall see.

I took this picture before the aphids met their doom.

And believe me, meeting their doom they shall. The more I read-up on them, they have no redeeming qualities — just sucking the life blood out of a plant.

Tiny, nasty vampires.
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  1. says

    You’ll get em! I remember being horrified when my whole plant was covered in them…..yuck, makes me crawl thinking about it! The photo is great though!