Deals At Safeway

There’s a buy 30 get 10 dollars back deal going on at Safeway. There’s lots of products in the store, and they’re specially tagged. There’s also a deal where if you buy 20 dollars worth of specific brands (I bought bounty and Cascade) you get a coupon worth 5 dollars towards a gift card (which I turned right around and added to a Safeway card).
So, in the end I paid 19.18 (I had a 10 dollar catalina from my last visit, and it’s 30 dollars BEFORE coupons, so any manufacture’s coupons you use don’t count towards the 30 dollars — does that make sense?) and got 15 back.
Feel the joy.
The specifics I posted here. You can also get the colgate coupon I used here.
Mock if you will….

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  1. says

    I love hearing about your great deals. I only wish I had a Safeways in Idaho Falls. Don’t worry, you know I would never mock you because you are a good deal gal after my own heart.