THANK YOU Elder Ballard. I even got a little choked-up during his talk. Of course, I’m not quite sure when I exit the stage of being a “young mother” — but I loved it regardless. Anyone else?

In other news, guess who did 4 scrapbook pages today — oh, and I finished another baby blaket.

Go me… go me… go me… go me…
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  1. says

    Loved the talk. And I think “young mother” really means a mother of young children – so you’re good. Now stop watching so many soaps.

  2. says

    AMEN! Loved Elder Ballard’s talk. My sister said she even rewound the part addressed to the children so that they could hear it again! hehe!

    You’re definitely in the young mother group for heaven’s sake!!

    I’m inspired by your productive scrap booking…..time will tell if it’s inspired enough to DO something….

  3. miranda says

    Loved the talk, we moms need a boost now and then. I also thought it was so neat how Monson talked about his wife. So sweet.